Author Topic: Upgrade of Cognos BI version 10.1.1 to version 10.2 (in-place vs new)?  (Read 12341 times)

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We have an existing Cognos BI version 10.1.1 (FP1 is installed as well) installation and are starting to evaluate version 10.2. Can 10.2 be an in-place upgrade (i.e., over the existing 10.1.1 installation), or does 10.2 have to be a separate installation (i.e., either uninstall 10.1.1 first then install 10.2 and use the existing content store, or install 10.2 to a separate directory and have a new content store for it as well)?

Thanks in advance...

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I'm curious too...

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I would guess it would have to be a separate install. Even 10.1.1 had to be a full re-install over 10.1.0.  This is not like a fix pack. You could really have a problem if you install in the same directories.

On the other hand you can install on the same servers/platforms as long as you use different directories for the installation. Also create an alternate web server install. I use IIS so this was fairly simple. After cutover I just pointed the 8.3 url to the 10.1 virtual directories so users could not use the old version.

I did this for my 8.3 to 10.1 upgrade where I had both running on the same group of servers for a while for the final step of production testing and working all reporting bugs out due to depreciated features that still worked in 8.3.  At final cut-over I had to export and import the final 8.3 content store. I had previously exported all my fixed reports and then just re-imported them.

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Typically, if the first or second part of the Cognos version number changes, a separate install has been the upgrade path. From the 10.2 on-line documentation, this rule still applies.

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10.2 is NOT an upgrade. So no you cannot install in place.

If you want to move from 10.1.1 or 10.1.1 FP1 then you would have to install to a different directory, stop your existing 10.1.1, point 10.2 to the 10.1.1 Content stoer and let it upgrade it to 10.2.

There is no going back from this so backup your DBS or copy the CS to a new DB and run both in parallel.
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