Author Topic: Move PowerCube from Dev to Production  (Read 2958 times)

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Move PowerCube from Dev to Production
« on: 03 Apr 2013 12:00:50 pm »

I want to know the best practice to move Transformer PowerCubes from Development to Test/Production instance.

e.g. Lets say a PowerCube is built on development server which takes data coming from development instance (either dev package or report). Now if you have to move the cube into another instance (test/PRD), what will be the best approach keeping in mind that it automatically updates but using data from new instance (test/PRD) and not development. And what all object need to be recreated on test/PRD (package/report etc)

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Re: Move PowerCube from Dev to Production
« Reply #1 on: 03 Apr 2013 04:40:49 pm »
Nothing needs to be recreated if:
* you are using Cognos objects (packages, reports, etc) as data sources
* the objects are named the same on dev/test/prod
* you have separate Transformer installs for each environment

Transformer's configuration will determine which Cognos server it uses, so each install can point to the appropriate server. The connection string behind the data sources for the packages on the Cognos server will in turn determine what actual database is used.

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Re: Move PowerCube from Dev to Production
« Reply #2 on: 11 Apr 2013 03:27:14 am »
To have data from the PROD instance, you need to rebuild the cube (.MDC) from production data using the same model (PY?).

Moving the cube (MDC) will not update the data - you need to rebuild it,