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Roll up Percentages
« on: 05 May 2016 08:17:49 am »
Hi All,

I have faced an issue with percentage roll-up in active reports earlier and IBM has advised us to raise it as an enhancement request.
It looks the same issue exists in Data modules as well.In one of the analyticzone videos,For the calculations like Profit/Revenue they are advising to use "Average" for these kind of calculations.
I am not sure how that is going to work. Average is completly different to aggregating the measures and dividing them.
Can you please advise if there is any other way to handle these kind of measures in Dashboards? In reports I am using layout calculation and it worked.


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Re: Roll up Percentages
« Reply #1 on: 05 May 2016 07:59:49 pm »
Did you try aggregate then calculate?  Rather than try to aggregate the percentage calculation itself, create an expression with your two measures as the operands.

For example like this below.   A and b are aggregated and then the calculation is performed on the aggregated values.

a       b               a/b
2   10      0.2      
3   5      0.6      
5   20      0.25      
                            average (a/b)
10   35      0.285714286      0.35