Author Topic: Cognos Planning Contributor - Error when saving Model  (Read 472 times)

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Cognos Planning Contributor - Error when saving Model
« on: 07 Apr 2017 05:56:37 am »
Hi There

Hope someone can help me!

When users are saving data updates to Models, they get the following error message

Title: Problem Occurred
An error has occurred which may require you to take action to avoid losing data. You should save a local copy of the data (to file or export to Excel) or take the node off-line then restart the application. You should notify your Administrator of this error. Click the Details button for further information
Details: Communication with the server failed.

I've looked on the IBM knowledge base, and I cannot find any reference to this particular error.

Has anyone seen this before, or provide some extra pointers of what to check?
I am not a Cognos person, but in the Application Support team, and have been asked to investigate further.