Author Topic: Update Dlinks, Macros and A tables  (Read 59 times)

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Update Dlinks, Macros and A tables
« on: 16 May 2018 05:42:38 pm »
Hello Folks,

I am trying to understand the best approach to handle the situation:

We are in process of large scale database migration so we have migrated all the sources from Oracle to redshift. Even though we have same structure and naming convention, the redshift default column names is small letters whereas when we designed planning application few years back everything returned was capitals.
Now to address the change, I manually updated all column names and remapped dlinks and A tables. Everything works fine in test now.

Now I have to deploy this in prod. How do import macros, dlinks and Atables only. I don't want anything to change in PAC (like the sql server names for planning store ,contributor source etc).
All I want is to deploy the macros in prod, the macros which I have in test have the correct odbc source and column names and dlinks.
Once I deploy the macros, I would still have to manually update the sources for Dlinks which move the data withing Dcubes. Hope I make sense here.

Any input is highly appreciated. thank you.