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Report Studio / TRIM Error when Output to Excel 2007 Data
« Last post by dmixer on Today at 11:33:20 am »
I'm attempting to Trim some fields, but when I run the report to export as an Excel 2007 Data file, I receive an error. This is significant because due to formatting restrictions, I need to run this file as Excel 2007 Data. The file does run in Excel 2007, HTML, PDF, etc format.

I have attempted:
trim ([Customer First Name (CFMA)])
trim (trailing ' ',[Customer First Name (CFMA)])
trim (' ',[Customer First Name (CFMA)])

Each results in the following error:
The report server encountered an internal error. Check additional information associated with this error message. If cause of problem cannot be ascertained, increase the logging level in the IBM Cognos administration tool and reproduce the conditions that caused the error. If the problem persists, see the problem determination information on the IBM Cognos Support Portal page at

Any thoughts on another way to trim this field and still use Excel 2007 Data as the output format?
Administration and Security / Cognos 11 Licensing
« Last post by juetron on Today at 11:08:26 am »
Obviously, the licensing of Capabiilties has been significantly simplifed. Does IBMs efforts to simplify the licensing structure for Cognos 11 also extend to Non-Production environment licensing?

Regarding the license statement:

There is a section that states:
"Non-Production Limitation
If the Program is designated as "Non-Production", the Program can only be deployed as part of the Licensee's internal development and test environment for internal non-production activities, including but not limited to testing, performance tuning, fault diagnosis, internal benchmarking, staging, quality assurance activity and/or developing internally used additions or extensions to the Program using published application programming interfaces. Licensee is not authorized to use any part of the Program for any other purposes without acquiring the appropriate production entitlements."

Does this mean you no longer have to license your Development and Test environments with a specific "non-production" license - assuming they are only used for the purposes in the statement ?
Report Studio / Re: Hidden info for sections?
« Last post by Invisi on Today at 10:44:07 am »
I think I have to be more specific about what is happening. I have 2 versions of the same report. One page has a total of all values of a certain category (cost centre) in one list. The second page has the same list with sections per value of that category (cost centre).

It already goes wrong when I connect the new union query to the first list with the total. In the list there is an aggregation on other categories (brand family). When I select e.g. 3 values of the cost centre category, I see (max) 3 rows of each brand family instead of one. So it looks more of a grouping issue. The thing is that all data items in the union are set to automatic. So I would think the grouping would work correctly.

How should I alter the grouping to get the right list again?
Report Studio / Static Choice "ALL"-Element in Single-Value Prompt
« Last post by SimonWM on Today at 09:12:15 am »
Hi all,

I am currently chewing on a way to insert an "ALL" Element in a single-select value prompt.

General setup as follows:
Data Source: TM1 Cube
UI: "Radio Button Group" with Multi-Select: "No"
Required: No
Query Filter: Optional
The prompt is showing a subset of members (A, B, C) of a dimension (A, B, C, D).

I added an static choice element "All", therefore the prompt is now showing (ALL, A, B, C).

2 things I want to accomplish:
First, "All" being default, and if "All" gets picked the report is showing the aggregation for A+B+C.
Second, "All" element being at the end of the list.

Tried the IBM-Support solution (, but I wasn't able to get it to work:
1. Add 'Show All' as static choice to the value prompt as 'use value' and 'show value'
2. Set prompt default selection property to 'Show All'
3. Set filter to a conditional expression that will accept the static choice 'Show All' Example: ((?Product line? = 'Show All' ) and (1=1)) OR ([Product line] = (?Product line?))

Would be happy for any kind of help.

Best regards,
Thanks MF.
I have questions below, please advise
1) Is Cognos 11.0.6 online trial version features same as paid version?. I mean I just want to know is there any feature limitation in trail version?
2) I can see IBM Cognos BI Developer Trail Edition for 10.2.1. Is it available for Cognos 11.0.6 verson?


You don't get access to the Administration functions in the online trial, and neither can you connect to non-DQM data sources (eg ODBC, native client connections etc). The online trial doesn't give you access to the SDK, Dynamic Cubes or to Framework Manager.

The only trial for Cognos Analytics (11) is the online one.


Report Studio / Re: Aligning lists of different lengths one below other
« Last post by Invisi on Today at 08:27:28 am »
Why place a block in the cells? You can also give width to an individual cell / column. The columns also have the setting Size & Overflow.
Report Studio / Re: crosstab space height
« Last post by avuong6 on Today at 07:33:34 am »
Report Studio / Re: Hidden info for sections?
« Last post by New_Guy on Today at 07:23:49 am »
Did you check the data of the outer list and inner list by hardcoding the filters to see if you are getting the same data in the tabular data  after switching the queries? As you said that you are using union and union brings more rows. Please check the data of both lists in the tabular form and let us know if it is not matching with the actual lists data.
Good luck
New guy
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