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All - I am looking at implementing a relative time dimension within the datawarehouse that would enable users to drag and drop the elements to filter data set in dashboards. For example, an aging column that describes 30 day/ 45 day/ 60 day/ 90 days aging bucket that could be used as a filter. This could be extended to calculate MTD/QTD/YTD/rolling 12 months, etc.

Has anyone implemented a time dimension and if so, could you provide an example of a sample data set?

Reporting / Re: case statement fetching incorrect data
« Last post by cognos4321 on Today at 10:50:48 am »
Hi Kiran,

I have tried replacing case stmt with IF then else and vice versa.
Tried nesting them also but nothing works.
I guess the problem could be the end result is not a simple value , its ([CYBud]=1) where [CYBud] is an attribute.

I am not sure if anyone ever dealt with such condition in case stmt.

Reporting / Re: case statement fetching incorrect data
« Last post by cognos4321 on Today at 10:46:11 am »
Hi Ray,

This doesn't work.
Ultimately what we are trying to get is [CYBud]=1, [CYBud1]=1, [CYBud2]=1 as per the selected year in the detail filter.
So, when the report is run for 2017 , the entire data should be filtered for the condition ([CYBud]=1).

thanks for the reply though
Reporting / Filter expression
« Last post by jway on Today at 10:24:11 am »
i am using this expression in a slicer:

caption(members([Products].[Organization].[Organization])) in (#promptmany('POrg','string', sq($PMOrg{$account.personalInfo.userName}))#)),0)

It is returning the correct level in the hierarchy in the prompt but I need it to start with that level and return the members in the hierarchy below it also.
I'm confused on if I need to use the descendants() or set() function in the default value part of the expression above?  Or am I totally off base? I appreciate the help  :)
The one in the top right corner of the screen.  The one outlined in the attachment.

Also, anyone have a link to a reasonable web page that can corroborate that name?
Distributed environment:
1 webserver
2 content managers
5 dispatchers

When I try to start Cognos Administration, it takes forever to load and most of the times it just times out (white screen). The times I can get it to load, all the tabs are pretty fast except for the first tab (current activities, schedules, etc.)
Could it be a corruption of the Notice Cast database? I cannot find any leads in the cogerror.log files.

I already tried but no result.
Dashboards / Re: Total measure value in Dashboard
« Last post by Pstone on Today at 07:31:29 am »
Disconnect the widgets using the button on the top right
Framework Manager / Re: Shortcut Aliases in Cognos Framework
« Last post by gosoccer on Today at 06:43:42 am »
Excellent! I was checking to make sure that is the case since there are so many relationships based on the same exact subject query.
Thanks a lot!
Reporting / Re: Dynamic Sorting on List Header
« Last post by Pratap Reddy on Today at 04:28:06 am »

Problem resolved by using property Allow sorting in Properties Pane.
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