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Yes, thanks so much for your time. Great help!  :) :)
I think we will talk to our DBAs to get the fiscal year going as well,
Reporting / Re: Date filter for Oracle database
« Last post by cognos4321 on Today at 04:25:39 pm »
Just wanted to mention [Begin Date] is not just a single date field, it's the Column name.

Thanks in advance.
Reporting / Re: AS/400 + Cognos
« Last post by adam_mc on Today at 04:14:06 pm »
Not sure if this will work, but try adding a scheduled trigger to the report/job. - Assuming you have the ability to schedule "By Trigger".
Then, try a RUNRMTCMD statement in a CL program to execute a .bat file that has the appropriate syntax to activate that trigger.

Not sure what permissions you will need setup on the .bat file, but I assume AS400 user will need sufficient authority to execute the .bat file.

Let me know what you find out.
Reporting / Date filter for Oracle database
« Last post by cognos4321 on Today at 03:13:32 pm »
I need to create a report from a relational database(oracle)

There is a begin date column in the table, name: [Begin Date]
The business needs a Calendar prompt which would let them select any date , parameter name: 'pSelectedDate'
They want the cognos report to filter data on the condition :
[Begin Date] <='pSelectedDate'

When I put this expression in the detail filter area : [Begin Date] <=?pSelectedDate?
It doesn't give me any error but shows incorrect data.

Please help.
Thanks in advance.
Here is what I'm trying to do but getting error: when type of Bill is paper, get the max between the dates for Paper and Electronics.

when [Type Of Bill] in ('Paper') and [Settled Date] >= '2015-04-17' then
maximum ([Settled Date] for [Type Of Bill]  in ('Paper','Electronics')
[Settled Date]

Thanks a lot@ :) :)

Yeah, I think that's what the system seems to be expecting to happen anyway.

What "should" be happening is that our system (which has an embedded interface to Cognos's scheduling interface that's been running for a few years now) creates a report view (behind the scenes) in that user's "my folders" folder, that it then creates a schedule for.  [this seems to be working correctly]  Those schedules "should" run the report view, and e-mail the results as an attachment, not a URL.  [This is the part that's appears to have stopped working correctly for some reason]

So far, I've confirmed that:
  • Both the report views and schedules created are owned by the users that set them up.
  • Both the report views and schedules appear to be using the default setting of "View the most recent report"
  • The users' credentials within the schedule look OK too.

Report Studio / Password/Encrypt Excel Files
« Last post by dud987 on Today at 12:54:31 pm »
Hi All,

I have to burst an Excel file and it should be password Protected.
I tried the following Option with PDF and it worked but don't know how to implement in Excel
Steps followed for implementing in PDF
1. Open the Report Properties page in the Connection Page, Click on the report tab and then Override Default Options
2. Then under PDF options, Click set and click on Requires a password to open the report.

Then you enter the password and schedule it and when opening the pdf it asks for a password and not with Excel?
Don't know how to do it in Excel.

Appreciate your response.


I have to get the maximum date between two different data elements so I can use the data item in a list. May be using a Case Statement of if and else.


Unique ID        Condition 1                 Date 1                Date 2             Date 3 (Data item)

111                 ABC                           01/01/2017        09/01/2017      09/01/2017
112                HGH                           02/02/2018        03/03/2017       03/03/2017

If Date 2 is bigger than date 1, take date 2 values. If Date 1 is bigger than Date 2, take Date 1

So the Date 3 as the Data Item will include the latest date for ABC and HIGH conditions.
Let me see if I have this right:  Each of these is a schedule that run reports, store output (as a version), then sends an email that contains a URL.

If that process is working, by the time the email is created, the output is already there.  Maybe the account that owns the schedule (or report, or report view) no longer has write permission for the report or report view, so it can't write the output at that location.  It's a strange problem, but I suspect I'll start seeing it soon since we recently had some power users retire.
I haven't checked them ALL, no.  There's a 100+ having the issue.

As their schedules are all run off of report views, do you think it's just a matter of forcing them all to "run report" rather than "view the most recent report"??   Is there a way for an admin to do that in bulk?  Change the users' report views' properties?
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