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Reporting / Re: CrossTab Trying to Display Calculation
« Last post by Cognos_Jan2017 on Today at 10:32:48 am »
Creation of 3 Columns my FAULT ... used a Data Item instead of Query Calculation.  Sorry.

My error again.  Obviously I am missing something in Crosstabs.  It does appear the best way to drag
multiple Data Items into a Crosstab is to have those Data Items next to each other (selected by <Shift>)
then dragging them in.

My earlier Post ...
Is driving me bonkers.

Whenever two calculations are dragged in w/ measures, the two calculations WON'T display separately.

IE, a calculation of ...
When [Fiscal Year]= 2017 and [Level 1 Name]='AAA' Then 1.31
When [Fiscal Year]= 2017 and [Level 1 Name]='BBB' Then 0.23
When [Fiscal Year]= 2017 and [Level 1 Name]='CCC' Then 1.17

When [Fiscal Year]= 2016 and [Level 1 Name]='AAA' Then 1.81
When [Fiscal Year]= 2016 and [Level 1 Name]='BBB' Then 0.38
When [Fiscal Year]= 2016 and [Level 1 Name]='CCC' Then 1.20

''' winds up crreating 3 Columns (under FY 2017)
as 1.31, 0.23, and 1.17

''' winds up creating 3 Columns (under FY 2016)
as 1.81, 0.38, and 1.20

The second calculation 'DDD' displays its value in its own 'DDD'
Column PLUS in the appropriate 'AAA', 'BBB', or 'CCC' column.

How can this be corrected?

Doing that creates 3 new Columns, with results (for Fiscal Year 2017), such as ...
                          ----------- Crosstab -----------------------------
                          NewColumn1     NewColumn2     NewColumn3
                               1.31                  0.23                 1.17
AAA                         0.98                  0.00                 0.00  <------ The 0.98 is a calculation for AAA only               
BBB                         0.00                  0.46                 0.00  <------ The 0.46 is a calculation for BBB only
CCC                         0.00                  0.00                 1.17  <------ The 1.17 is a calculation for CCC only

How can I use a Query Calculation (called a Data Item) to have ONE Column w/ its name of 'Target"
and then see ...
          --- Crosstab ---
AAA      1.31               
BBB      0.23
CCC      1.17

Please ask me any questions so I can learn this.  I sure wish there was a Source "Book"
that explained all the Nuts & Bolds of Crosstabs.

TIA, Bob
Reporting / Re: dropdown multifilter
« Last post by New_Guy on Today at 09:53:11 am »
No built in capability is there in cognos to do what you are trying to do, except for sizing and then the user has to scroll through the list to select the values. Another option is to use another prompt to show or hide the prompt using a render variable.
Good luck
New guy
Report Studio / Custom Data Displayed in Columns
« Last post by Nickbruno on Today at 09:52:34 am »

I'm trying to build a budget vs actual report in cognos report studio.

I have my cost centers running down the right & corresponding GL accounts on the page explorer (what user sees)

In the query explorer I am totaling 2016 activity the to get a monthly budget amount dividing it by business days in the year & multiplying that run rate by the number of business days in that month in 2017 with in the data item expression box. I am doing this for each month.

I need to display columns on the report that prints out as such 2017 Month Actual, 2016 Month Actual, 2017 Budget, & then the same three for CYTD data.

I'm not sure how to calc the CYTD & make it dynamic & wondering if displaying all this different types of data is possible in a cross tab or if I should use another format...or if its just not possible.

Needless to say I don't have a lot of cognos experience.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Framework Manager / Re: Double counting issue
« Last post by M on Today at 09:45:54 am »

Please find the attachment here..
Framework Manager / Double counting issue
« Last post by M on Today at 09:43:44 am »
Hi All,

I creating a framework model with 5 tables for an engineering company . Please look at the attachment.

business unit  [ lookup table for business unit description]
division  [ lookup table for division description]
supplier master [ lookup table for supplier details ]
supplier Tran [ Have measure : order total, division , business unit and supplier]
purchase order

I have joined all the tables except the purchase order and works fine. 

When i join purchase order table to business/division/suppliermaster to get the description . FM complains about the double counting.  I need the business unit, division description and supplier details for the purchase order table.

How can i avoid double counting in this scenario..pls advise?

Reporting / Re: report is not showing data by default
« Last post by New_Guy on Today at 09:28:59 am »
Create a value prompt with Display value as 'Current Week' and use value as [data item] which you have to create. Post a screen shot of a param value of your week parameter and we can try creating it by using current date and deriving the week.
Good luck
New guy
Cognos Administration / Re: User Deactivation
« Last post by Lynn on Today at 09:02:41 am »
Have the users left the company and are no longer in the Security Namespace? MetaManager has a number of modules that will enable you to identify and remove users while retaining their content

Have you considered this option?
TM1 / Re: Cognos Enterprise Planner and TM1
« Last post by StuartS on Today at 08:56:12 am »
One of the environments I support does this.  We have BI and Planning in the same content store.  We then have redirects at the web gateway for TM1.
Cognos Administration / Re: User Deactivation
« Last post by parvesh.rishi on Today at 08:23:30 am »
you are absolutely right...and this suggestion got rejected by client as well.
Now we are thinking of doing it either with scripting or cognos SDK. What do you say?
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