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Report Studio / Re: Filter query after Moving Average calculation
« Last post by cassinium on Today at 06:20:47 pm »
I'm not sure what went wrong, but it works after I delete and re-create the query from scratch.  A Cognos bug?

Thanks hespora for all your help!
Reporting / Re: Displaying Others as a single member
« Last post by New_Guy on Today at 04:13:26 pm »
I don't think there is a way to create the data item 'Other' dynamically.
Good luck
New guy
Hello Experts,

We have a report which is generated long back. We want to see where does certain columns come from database. Report is generated using a package published into Cognos environment. I tried to find the path of the columns using lineage option. But its displaying me path only till the package level. I couldn't see the option of Generated SQL for that report or any of the queries in the report under Tools or under the properties of report. May I know why I am not able to see that option.Or is there any way to check the path till database for particular column in a report.

Report Studio / Getting Report SQL during Runtime
« Last post by esar on Today at 01:31:29 pm »
Hi Experts,

Is it possible to get the report SQL displayed in report viewer while running the report?

Report Studio / Bullet Chart Formatting
« Last post by chilllout18 on Today at 12:54:32 pm »

I am creating some bullet charts for a dashboard and am running into formatting issues.

When I create the bullet chart for sales lbs, sales $'s, and sales $'s per lb, the per lb metric formats the bullet chart completely differently than the other metrics.  I've included an attachment of what I'm getting.  Each bullet chart is the same size, but yet the per lb metric uses the entire area and shrinks the chart to include the axis.  The other 2 charts do no.  Any idea what is going on?  How do I hide the axis?

I'm am using the Rave Legacy Visualizations version of the bullet chart.
Report Studio / Re: _make_timpstamp from 2 Value Prompts
« Last post by Cognos_Jan2017 on Today at 11:02:45 am »

Will be trying to write some other date functions, and continuing
to learn.

THANK you New guy, Bob
Ok, I got a great Crosstab running based on different conditions in the case statement such as below,

case [X_Query].[CAR_BRAND]
when 1  then 'BMW'
when 2 then 'BENZ'
when 3 then 'PAYKAN'

Now, I need to add a condition to this that would be like,

case [X_Query].[CAR_BRAND]
when 1  then 'BMW'
when 2 then 'BENZ'
when 3 then 'PAYKAN'
when 3,4,5,6 then 'ALL CARS'
else 'Others'

So, this way the Crosstab will show one more category for ALL CARS and therefore the Crosstab will show the count for ALL CARS.

If the above adding of condition for ALL CARS can not work, could you please guide me as to how I could create a Data Item that would do the count for All CARS so I can drop the Data Item as a part of the existing Crosstab.

Thanks so much for your time.

Please help if you can.  :) :)

Report Studio / Re: _make_timpstamp from 2 Value Prompts
« Last post by New_Guy on Today at 10:42:05 am »
Use value for Month prompt in the static choices as 1 ...12 and display as Jan...Dec and then convert. Hope this helps.
Good luck
New guy
Report Studio / _make_timpstamp from 2 Value Prompts
« Last post by Cognos_Jan2017 on Today at 10:30:23 am »
Hopefully an easy answer.

No dates in the data.  Only Calendar and Fiscal Years, Fiscal Year Month #, and Month Names.

On Prompt Page, among other already working prompts, will require prompts to select
Calendar Year and Month Name (only one ... January, February, ... , December).

_make_timestamp requires Integers.  No problem from the Calendar Year prompt, and
hard-coding 1 as the day of the Month.

Keeping the 12 Month Names of the Year as Static Choices (don't want to have 1 thru 12 as choices).
How do I take the prompt result of the Month Name and convert that into an Integer?  Will try a
Case When to make a Query Calculation and place in the Query, and see if that might work.

Will continue a Google Search.  A search result said Cast won't convert alpha- characters into an Integer.

TIA, Bob
Report Studio / Re: Primer for Bar Graph
« Last post by Revan on Today at 10:10:32 am »
I tried your suggestion, and it's now returning a single month's data, but not at all the data I'm expecting. It seems to be just checking the first line item returned, which is a May date, and returning that as value 5. I'm attaching a picture of the actual returned data (top pic), and my expected data, created in Excel, (bottom pic).
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