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Thank you Bob. I forgot I had a aggregate to work with so you right, the report is not working based on the Aggregation Count of Step Type.
Cognos is totally awesome!
Beautiful.  Glad to have helped.


Thanks so much! You solution is perfect by even keeping the Yield in there.
Thanks for your reply.
I am looking for an example or even a basic structure on how to implement a time/ date dimension table in DWH that will also contain relative time related attributes.
Such as, I have this in mind - These will be the columns in the time/ date dimension table.

DateKey/ Date ID
Rolling 12 months
YTD - Values will be Y/N
30 Day Age - 30 days
60 Day Age -  60 days
90 Day Age - 90 days

Or is there a better way to design the time/ date table? The user case scenario will be that users will use these attributes on the dashboard to filter the data. This way, it helps optimize the SQL generated via the filter calculations created in FM.
In your List, you can Cut, NOT Delete, Columns of A_CODE, V_P_Closed, and Yield
which will "Roll up" V_P_App_Count.

Not sure how you are adding Pass (number), but you may be able to "Count" the

Let us know.  HTH, Bob
Reporting / ROLLUP and SHOW the Counts in a List (Urgent Need!!!)
« Last post by HelloCognos on Today at 02:56:09 pm »
Hi :) :),

If you look at my mockup, it show that I need to show only one row for Electronic Processing and Paper Processing and not 3 or 4 for each.
when the one row shows up, I have to show the total of Passes (Number of 3)  and not 3 for each row.  I changed my case statement to do the following,
when [RESULT] in ('PASS') and [V_P_Closed] >= _add_days (current_date,-365) then
(count([STEP_TYPE] for[STEP_TYPE] ))

So, it shows 3 due to the count statement but I need to rollup the data to show only one row at a time like what I said. I need to show the V_P_App_Count as
a total of 20+44+200 = 264 on the same row.
Step                                   RESULT            V_P_APP_Count
Electronic Processing            3                     264
Paper Processing                 4                     147 (80+55+12)

This way I can calculate my Yield by have the 3/264 or 4/147.

Pls help if you could,  :) :)
Reporting / Re: Subtracting 7 holidays from existing weekday expression
« Last post by rrrog01 on Today at 02:38:39 pm »
Hey Paul...thanks for the idea...but that solution will likely fail, since I need to write to Excel
Attached is an image of my queries.  I'm using SQL to join one subject area over to another subject area, because these two subject areas haven't been connected in the framework.

I've googled the error code above, and it appears to be permissions-related.  However, I only get the error intermittently, which is the confusing part.  Sometimes I get the error, and other times it runs with no problem.

For what it's worth, I have the two sub queries  "Use Local Cache" set to no, and the main "Combo" query "Use Local Cache" set to yes.  The SQL syntax is set to pass-through, and I populated the data source with the database name.

Any ideas on what's causing the intermittent issue, or has anyone dealt with this?  This is for an organizational report, and we can't have it intermittently erroring out.
Administration and Security / Re: URL Redirect from http to htpps
« Last post by dougp on Today at 12:23:31 pm »
I think you want http://hostabc/ibmcognos (or http://hostabc/*), which is not a Cognos Gateway (or a Cognos anything), to redirect to https://hostxyz/ibmcognos, and SSO implemented on the Cognos server (https://hostxyz/ibmcognos).
Dynamic Cubes / Re: Edit Relationships - different data types
« Last post by Reinhard on Today at 09:46:12 am »

Cube designer basically only gets the information of the datasource layer should you import form a FM model so thats why you do not see your model query subjects.

I get your join problem since you can create additional measures and levels but not create a new data item. Why do you not import the file into a database? In Cognos 11 you could even upload it and use it for a data module.

Otherwise check the join if you can double click it so you can create a complex join where you could cast.

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