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I have checked the version of my DB2 Server and client, both are same i.e 10.5.300.125.

I have pasted the Db2CLI executables and DLL files in the "C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\analytics\bin" and Drivers in C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\analytics\drivers  directory.

I have catalogued the database but Still, I am not able to successfully connect to the Datasource in CQM. What else can be missing?
Hi All,
Finally my team came out with below to get it working

With CognosContent AS (

Select a.CMID, a.PCMID, b.NAME, b.Name as Parent, as Content

,Cast(b.NAme  as varchar(max)) as path

, 0 as level

from cmObjects a

inner join CMOBJNAMES b on a.CMID = b.CMID

inner join CMCLASSES c on a.CLASSID = c.CLASSID

Where b.ISDEFAULT = 1

and a.PCMID =0

and a.CMID = 2



Select a.CMID, a.PCMID, b.NAME as parent, d.NAME, c.NAME

, d.path + '\' +  CAST (b.Name as varchar(Max))  as path

, d.level + 1 as level

from cmObjects a

inner join CMOBJNAMES b on a.CMID = b.CMID

inner join CMCLASSES c on a.CLASSID = c.CLASSID

inner join CognosContent d on a.PCMID = d.CMID

Where b.ISDEFAULT = 1



Select NAME as ReportName, path, level, content from CognosContent


Content = 'report' or Content = 'dashboard' or content = 'analysis'
order by path

Dynamic Cubes / Re: Cognos Cube Designer 10.2.2 Custom Relative Time Members
« Last post by GeethaKL on 20 Mar 2018 07:09:43 pm »
Hi All,
I just want to know whether the 10.2.2 functionality supports to get cumulative count of children or individual members(months) of

cumulative Years
2018 = 2018
2019 = 2018+2019
2020 = 2018+2019+2020

Cumulative Years(Children or individual members)
Jan = Jan
Feb = Jan +Feb
MAr= JAn +Feb+Mar 
and so on

Jan = Jan
Feb = Jan +Feb
MAr= JAn +Feb+Mar 
and so on

Please avise

Read in Google Search when there are a "minimum" number of Categories, that the Category Labels
will display horizontally.  They suggested concatenating a bunch of spaces to the Categories to try to
force Vertical display.  That hasn't worked ... so far.  Will add MANY MORE spaces to see if that works.

Is there another way that WORKS to "force" Category Labels on the X-axis to display vertically?

TIA, Bob
Framework Manager / Re: Decrypting Data in FWM
« Last post by MarkV on 20 Mar 2018 03:41:06 pm »
It would appear using a combination of several things solves, for the most part, my issues.  My database platform is MS SQL Server.
  • Create a database table to temporarily store the passphrase.
  • Create a stored procedure to insert the passphrase in the table.  Pass the passphrase as a parameter.
  • Create a stored procedure that's remove the passphrase from the table.  Pass the passphrase as a parameter.
  • Configure the Open Session Command to run a command-block that executes the stored procedure to insert the passphrase.  The passphrase is hard-coded here.
  • Configure the Close Session Command to run a command-block that executes the stored procedure to clear the passphrase from the database table.
  • Give appropriate execute permissions to the two stored procedures to the correct user account.
  • Convert the data source query subject to a pass-through query and then join the table with the encrypted value with the passphrase table.  Join these on a key column that you make sure to create between the two tables.

This solves several issues:
  • The passphrase is not viewable in the SQL statement.
  • With the passphrase stored in the Open Session Command block, new deployments will not require updating the passphrase every time.
  • This approach supports DQM.
  • It adheres to IBM's recommendation to having the database server do the decrypting.

Of course, storing the passphrase in the database temporarily is still storing it in the database.  Hopefully, my developers will be OK with the approach of storing it temporarily.

I tried using temp and global temp tables but SQL Server automatically drops them once the Open Session Command SQL statement finishes running.  And, SQL statements don't validate when referencing temp tables.

A big thank you to IBM support for pointing me in the direction of Open Session Command blocks and Close Session Command blocks.
Administration and Security / Apply a View to a Role
« Last post by whatever890 on 20 Mar 2018 01:37:39 pm »
Hi all,
Does anyone know if it's possible to apply a sign in view or Welcome page to a role, like you can with themes?

Hi florian, any updates about this issue?
Report Studio / Migrated Database from Oracle to Oracle Cloud
« Last post by kvca11 on 20 Mar 2018 08:23:53 am »
Hi Team,

we have migrated database from Oracle 12 c to Oracle cloud and doing the reports validation,we are facing an issue with one of the report,ie.Report is keeping on running more than 2 hours and getting failed failed after sometime in cloud and same report is running in 20 mins in oracle 12c

Let us know what are all things we can do at report level after database migration,is it comes under environmental issue (report is built based on sql)

Hi Lynn,

Unfortunately, I was hoping that there is a way to setup logic in the Report to assign/filter certain dates from Calendar Year to Fiscal Year. I have certain dates that falls into 2018 Fiscal Year while the actual date is within Calendar Year.

Would the book/toolkit explain it for Report Analytics development building Query and Data Item Logic?

Thanks for your time as always
Dynamic Cubes / Cognos Cube Designer 10.2.2 Custom Relative Time Members
« Last post by GeethaKL on 19 Mar 2018 06:35:45 pm »
Hi All,
I have created N custom N-Period Running Total Definitions for 2019 and 2020 as
I will get
1. 2019 total if I drag 2019
2. 2019+2020(Cumulative) if i drag 2020.

Its all good so far..
But when I drag individual members for 2019(ie either March 2019 or Sep 2019), i am not getting cumulative total up to Sep 2019.
Can someone advise what am I missing here?

I am expecting the months in the running total Year 2019 should also be cumulative.. How to achieve this?

Thank you

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