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I'm doing consolidation for a group A containing two companies.
Group A
- Company A
- Group B
- - Company B

I'm trying to eliminate the intercompany transactions.

and when I look into the database I find that there's etyp=35 values with - (minus) for the specific intercompany balances (for the group).
They should be eliminated.

I'm trying to run a form in Excel containing balance sheet and including accounts where the intercompany balances should be eliminated.
I'm selecting the group in the company cell. (consolidation type and group cells are disabled.. why?).
But the form ignores the values which are marked as etyp=35.
This means that actually the intercompany elimination is not reported correctly.

Do you have any idea?
Thanks in advance!
Report Studio / Re: Issue with Manage External data
« Last post by New_Guy on Today at 12:34:13 pm »
Does it have column headings in the first row? Let us know.
Good luck
New guy
Kinda on the same subject, on 11.0.7, some of our users are reporting Calendar pickers showing way down the page. Not everyone gets this though. Trying to figure out why.
Report Studio / Issue with Manage External data
« Last post by Deepthid on Today at 11:42:54 am »

I am trying to export Excel file using manage External data.
After clicking and selecting the file - the data items are not showing up. Is there any solution for this issue?
What columns do you have in the output? Current Week and the Day level? If you have Current Week, and Current Day in the query I'd expect that single row.
Report Studio / Re: Report Performance Improvement
« Last post by CognosPaul on Today at 11:14:36 am »
Cognos is not an ETL tool, and shouldn't be used as one.

The 1 minute query execution time is not a valid comparison as all that's doing is taking a resultset from database A and dumping it into client B. I strongly doubt that the resultset instantly appears after 1 minute, even a client designed to handle large amounts of data still needs some processing time to draw the results into the grid.

Let's talk about the results.

56 columns * 64,000 records == 3,584,000 unique cells. Each cell has to be processed, formatted, and drawn. Cognos handles this by creating a temporary file on the server containing the query output. It then starts parsing through that file converting the results into an XML file. That file is then compressed. Unless you're talking about the old version of the Excel output, which is really a renamed uncompressed MHT file.

3.5 million cells will take a long time to process. Even at 1,000 cells a second, we're talking about an hour of processing. Considering it's being completed in 13 minutes, that means Cognos is processing 4,595 cells a second. Probably more because that's not including the time it takes to compress and deliver the report over the network.

An ETL tool doesn't need to draw the output into a specific format, it can work with the dataset as it stands, which is why it's so much faster.
Report Studio / Colored Region only Rectangluar shape ?
« Last post by CognosBIUser1 on Today at 10:56:39 am »
Quick question guys!.

I want to colored the regions within the graphs based on tolerance that changes every month.
I want the colored region to go up and down along the x axis depending on the monthly tolerance values.

I have actuals on the Y - axis and Months along the X- axis.
The tolerance changes month to month so the Green , yellow and Red region changes depending on the month.
Can I high light the graph region based on this ?
What I am seeing now is that its a rectangular colored region only.

This is in cognos 10.2.2. Report studio.
Chart type Combinational.

Does this have to do with the Start / End Category Position ?
Reporting / Pass Prompt values to multiple reports
« Last post by Cognos91 on Today at 10:33:51 am »
There is a requirement to create multiple reports - each containing a chart object, and placing these reports in an iframe. In addition, there is also a need to add a couple of prompts, that will act as a filter to these reports.
Is this possible when implementing an iframe/ embedding multiple reports to mimic a dashboard?

Dashboards / Re: Cognos SDK with Analytics Dashboards
« Last post by Cognos91 on Today at 10:28:38 am »
Haven't found a way yet, will try to keep you posted. It does become difficult when you are unable to view the XML/ report spec of the dashboard.
Reporting / Active Report Pie Charts - Displaying Percentages
« Last post by NiceCube on Today at 10:08:21 am »
Hi All,

As the Subject suggests I'm haing a problem with a pie chart on an active report.  The pie is showing numbers, rather than percentages.  I'm having one of those days when nothing seems straightforward.  The total column in the data is just a '1' and I have a Pass/Fail column where, based on logic, it's either a Pass or Fail.  Nothing complicated, you may think (I did), but I'm fairly new to charting.

Can anyone advise?

Thanks,  Rich
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