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Query Studio / Re: Auto Sum breaking my report. What am I doing wrong?
« Last post by Reinhard on Today at 10:05:00 am »

in the report use a query calculation like total(distinct [total_balance] for [Account]).

In your FM model you have a double count problem which is either because your cardinalities are not 1:N from dim:fact or because of a missing determinant. Additionally your modelling could be screwed up like ambigouity or a snowflake.

Sorry for just giving hints but FM models are more of an art then a craft.
I have a data model with the following data

Account     Invoice#   Balance 
15346   112762   22,220.19
15346   113270   28,931.35   
15346   114180   21,269.6   
15346   114700   23,894.57   
15346   115257   4,842.2   
15346   115258   22,241.05   
15346   115956   14,013.4   

Account    Account_Balance
15346      137,412.36

When I build my report the account balance is wrong because of the "Automatically summarize detail values, suppressing duplicates" query option default in Query Studio. 
The report comes out like this.
Account   Invoice   Total_Balance   Account Balance
15346   112762   22,220.19   961,886.52
15346   113270   28,931.35   961,886.52
15346   114180   21,269.6   961,886.52
15346   114700   23,894.57   961,886.52
15346   115257   4,842.2   961,886.52
15346   115258   22,241.05   961,886.52
15346   115956   14,013.4   961,886.52

Instead of
Account   Invoice   Total_Balance   Account Balance
15346   112762   22,220.19   137,412.36
15346   113270   28,931.35   137,412.36
15346   114180   21,269.6   137,412.36
15346   114700   23,894.57   137,412.36
15346   115257   4,842.2   137,412.36
15346   115258   22,241.05   137,412.36
15346   115956   14,013.4   137,412.36

I can change the Manage File->My Preferences->Advanced Run-time Options
and turn off "Automatically summarize detail values, suppressing duplicates"
to get the result I want but that doesn't stick to the report when saved for others to run.  It's just a browser preference which affects ALL reports. 

So what am I doing wrong here?
How do I change my model or report to make this work?

Reporting / Re: Cognos Analytics - JavaScript Submit Page
« Last post by dougp on 20 Apr 2018 07:03:55 pm »
Nice.  I don't know how I missed ControlHost.finish(). ::)
Report Studio / Re: Java Script for Text Box Prompt
« Last post by dougp on 20 Apr 2018 07:02:16 pm »
...and it uses RequireJS and AMD so it's compatible with CA 11.0.4+.  Very nice.  I'm very glad you posted this, because I can study it and add it to my tool box.

But, this is the Cognos 10 BI part of the forum.  The code may not work in 10.2.
Hi All,

I'm working with cognos 11.0.10 and had an issue. I was going to update file A, I checked all columns were ok and try to upload my csv file, but it appears the error Re: MSR-UPL-2106 Failed to refresh file ... Incompatible columns detected.

But when I save the same file as an excel file (.xlsx) it upload without any problem. Does anyone know why this possibly happened?

Thanks in advance
Report Studio / Re: Java Script for Text Box Prompt
« Last post by CognosPaul on 20 Apr 2018 01:17:29 pm »
The custom finish button I attached to another post does exactly this. You need to define an array of prompt names in the custom control configuration, and the minimum number of prompts that need to be selected:


The problem I'm running into is that I can't find good way of stacking validators onto the prompts, so rechecking each time a prompt is changed isn't working here. This checks if a prompt has a value when the finish button is clicked.
Report Studio / Re: Java Script for Text Box Prompt
« Last post by rajurokz on 20 Apr 2018 01:11:09 pm »
Thanks squish88, That was kind from your part! Will test this with my requirement and see if it works. For that matter, I'm using Cognos 10.2, but I'm hopeful that it works.

Report Studio / Re: Java Script for Text Box Prompt
« Last post by squish88 on 20 Apr 2018 12:15:29 pm »
Fair enough.  Since no one else had responded yet, I figured I'd give him at least the little bit that I had as a starting point at least.
Report Studio / Re: Java Script for Text Box Prompt
« Last post by dougp on 20 Apr 2018 12:12:30 pm »
This is the Cognos 10 forum.  formWarpRequest is a Cognos 8 thing.  It may work in Cognos 10, but I recommend you refer to the Cognos Prompt API documentation.
Have you tried playing around with Crosstab spaces??

I'm not 100% it'll get you to where you want, but it might?  Worth a shot at least!!
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