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Report Studio / Re: Study/Training material
« Last post by sunil2244 on Today at 12:22:02 am »
All that is looking paid stuff. I would like to start something from free. My company not going to pay for that.
Reporting / Re: Publishing Report as Portal Tabs for created users
« Last post by thethisguy on 25 Mar 2017 10:47:33 pm »

You can set a dashboard or a report as the default home page, based on security roles in either the Cognos namespace or your security namespace. Go to Manage > Accounts, select your namespace, then for each role go into Properties and select the Customization tab. You can specify the report or dashboard here.



Hi gurus,

i already added each member to role.
but in which part of the role that containt 'Customization Tab' ?
i think i couldnt find that...

thaks in advance
General Discussion & Gossip / Theme Designer for Cognos Analytics
« Last post by CognoidJay on 25 Mar 2017 11:44:05 am »
Just wanted to share a theme designer for Cognos Analytics in case anyone else needs it.

I have to create way too many themes and extensions and I couldn't justify doing them manually, so I built an application for each. Comments and suggestions are always welcome  :)

Hoping to have the one for extensions ready by next week.
Reporting / Re: Summing FY? Analytics v11.0.5
« Last post by muralikrishna on 25 Mar 2017 06:03:51 am »
Creating a list report in Analytics 11.0.5 when i add fiscal year (2016, 2017, etc.) to the report it does a row sum of FY.  FY is numeric for cases where you need to do FY -1, etc.  if there are two rows that have 2017 it sums up to one row with 4034.  I tracked down, thanks to COGNOISE, how to prevent it from generating summary rows for everything, but i cannot get it to not summarize columns that i don't want to summarize.  Is there a way to add a numeric field and not have it summarized?

1.In List report select fact column.
2. for the fact set the property called Detail Aggregation= None.
After setting this property. run and check it.
I hope this will be usefull.
Reporting / Re: Exapand Collapse without using Javascript
« Last post by AnuElza on 24 Mar 2017 03:14:35 pm »
Thanks CognosPaul. Let me give this in my model.

In my cross tab I have  country field as rows,Sales and Orders as measures. I created a prompt with parameter name selection with two static choice values like Sales and Orders.

My requirement is as below:

Req 1) When I select 'Sales' from the prompt during run time only Sales measure should be visible in Cross-tab.
Req 2) When I select 'Orders' from the prompt during run time only Order measure should be visible in Cross-tab.
Req 3) When the report is run without selecting any values then both Sales and Orders need to be displayed in the Cross-tab. (I should not be using ' none ' or 'both ' as a third Static choice value.)

To achieve the same

I  created a data item using the expression #prompt('selection','token','[Sales]')#
I created a radio-prompt selection with static choices for Sales and Orders.
In doing so, I  was able to achieve Req1 and Req2.

Please advise if there is a way to achieve Req 3 for the above scenario using conditional styles

Reporting / Re: Exapand Collapse without using Javascript
« Last post by CognoidJay on 24 Mar 2017 02:26:52 pm »
When all browsers support HTML5, you will be able to do this using the <details> tag. Until then you'll need to use Javascript.

When you can use the API it's always better to do so. However, don't shy away from leveraging other Javascript libraries as well. CA 11 has significantly changed the way JS is implemented (for better), and it already comes with the jQuery library without conflict.
Report Studio / Re: Gueage Chart
« Last post by kennedto on 24 Mar 2017 01:08:02 pm »
I did that and it works except it does not give separate needles  for the VM_STATE type, active and stopped .
Just one needle for the total.

Administration and Security / Re: Custom Login Screen - submit with enter key
« Last post by bdbits on 24 Mar 2017 01:03:53 pm »
Oddly enough, the invalid credentials mean your code was actually probably working for those people. The act of typing a character would have triggered and onkeypress and your code, which would have clicked the button and tried to log them in. Now I wonder why it did not work for others.

If you get it figured out, I am sure there will be other people looking to solve the same problem.
D'oh! Well, that's intuitive and obvious  ::)
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