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Report Studio / Re: Cross tab Report_Dragging column coming as twice
« Last post by CognosPaul on Today at 04:27:57 pm »
It looks normal to me. When you drag nodes into a crosstab, it automatically shows the nodes repeating in design mode. It shouldn't affect the output, but if it bothers you there is a way to disable it.

To the right of the lock icon is a drop down menu called "Visual Aids". Click on that and uncheck "Show Repeating".
Report Studio / Re: ** Filter with error! Help me, urgent! **
« Last post by shivbm on Today at 03:43:29 pm »
thanks very much Lynn, you saved me
Is this a crosstab?

So you have something like:

MEASURE  |  Current Week  | Current Day
Products |    1234        |    1234

In that case I would expect to see both columns. Can you post the report XML?
Report Studio / Cross tab Report_Dragging column coming as twice
« Last post by Deepthid on Today at 02:14:14 pm »

I am having issue with cross tab report. In the cross tab report i need to have multi columns under column. When i drag it it is coming as two. What s the solution for this. I have attached screenshot.
For Label i am passing parameter which should retrive multiple values based on conditions/report
Report Studio / Re: Issue with Manage External data
« Last post by Deepthid on Today at 02:02:59 pm »
Yes The file has Heading in first row and i am trying to import the csv file into cognos
It still gives the unresolved issue when I use the short name of the data item from the query, but maybe that is because there is a condition in the query item?

Don't know. I'd like to help, but you'll have to give more details, such as the definition of this problematic data item.
Report Studio / Re: monthly reports
« Last post by ImSteve on Today at 10:56:06 am »
Since nobody replied yet I´ll give it a shot, if anybody has an actual solution I need it too ;-)

'At most 1' is hard. A <=1 filter on #runs (counting Timestamps from Run Reports) will only give you a set of reports that ran exactly one time. There's no record of reports with zero runs.

To add at least something extra, you might use a seperate query that gathers every existing[Report name], and outer join your way to add reports that 'have been run some time in the past but not this month'.

Reports that have never been run at all are simply not available in Audit as far as I know. To get at those you'd need access to the actual content store db.

TM1 / Problem with TI process
« Last post by WinnieP on Today at 10:03:47 am »
Hey guys

A colleague of mine set up our Grants cubes in TM1 and he added a process for me to be able to run when I needed to add new elements to the Proposal Reference dimension. I've tried to work out how to run this process but can't get past the edit screen. I can see that the process DIMBUILD_Proposal_Reference and DIMUPDATE_Proposal_Reference are both there (refer to screenshots), but when I click 'Run', they run but do not ask the prompt question of "How many new elements do you want to add", so it's not adding any...

It's supposed to run and add X number of new references so that I can enter the data against those elements in the Grants cube. It should automatically add numbers in sequence, so if you take a look at the screenshot, the next one in the sequence should be P000211 as that is after P000210.

Could anybody please help me figure out how to run this process as intended?


Framework Manager / Re: Calculated Time Periods using DMR Time Dimension
« Last post by ukflix on Today at 07:49:25 am »
Hi CognosPaul and thanks for replying.

Yes for the columns I have [myPackage].[Current_Day] & [myPackage].[Current_Week] side by side.
I have a value in the measures and something like currency, customer or  product for the rows.

What I want is to show the value for the current week next to the value for today.  When I test the MUN in Framework Manager it gives me the member for the week (ie Week 42 2017) so I don't understand why I don't see the value for the week.  The MDX reads fine in theory (as if it were pointing to a SSAS).  Do you know what I can do to create the Current Time Periods (and last/prior etc) based purely on one MUN which has today please?

One thing I could do is just generate all of the MUNS in a Data Item and create a Parameter Map for each of them but I wanted to avoid doing this if possible.

Any help is appreciated, thanks for looking.

Report Studio / Re: How to have 'top' without rank
« Last post by lahdeb on Today at 07:10:04 am »
Hello ,

Thank you for your reply , I want to have the top 10 of reports which failed exactly 8 times during their last 8 execution , so I m using rank to have the last 8 execution by report :)

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