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Nothing to worry about as long as the error is not structural. I had the same error today, just a temporary high load on the dispatchers.
Hi All,
Working with Cognos analytics 11.x - we are up to date with our patches.

Building a data module and i want to connect a date from a SQL Server view to a date from an excel upload. The excel table is a date dimension with a record for each day and the associated days of the week, fiscal year, month names etc.

Creating a relation ship from data to date does not work, even though both fields look the same in the relationship dialog box.

Converting the dates from dates (YYYY-MM-DD) to 10 character text fields does not work even though  both fields look the same in the relationship dialog box and have the same properties.

Any ideas on how to get date fields to join in a data module would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Reporting / Re: Prompt page controls using the same render variable
« Last post by rteruyas on Today at 12:56:33 pm »
Thanks @CognosPaul

I just reported it. I'm waiting to get an APAR number.
This is what I got from customer support

"There isn't an issue with the way the report is designed.  The problem appears to be specific to Text Box prompt object not observing the Render Variable setting so is always being rendered when the report is run.  The Value Prompt is working as expected with regards to rendering.
I'm reporting this to development and will followup with an APAR reference number for this issue."

Thanks for testing!
Reporting / case statement fetching incorrect data
« Last post by cognos4321 on Today at 12:07:30 pm »
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can help in resolving this case statement.
I am using this as a detail filter in my report where [CYBud], [CYBud1],[CYBud2] are attributes in the cube
The report is filterted based on the value of these attributes
I gives me correct data only for the first option i.e when selected year is '2017'

when (?pYear? = '2017')
then ([CYBud]=1)
when (?pYear? = '2018')
then ([CYBud1]=1)
when (?pYear? = '2019')
then ([CYBud2]=1)

Thank You.
Reporting / Re: Row level authentication
« Last post by CognosPaul on Today at 10:14:29 am »
Do the users have the associations defined in AD groups?

Check out the macro function CSVIdentityNameList. It returns the nice name of all of the groups and roles associated with the user in a nice comma separated list.

Code: [Select]

In the above code it returns all of the groups, splits them into an array, finds all of the elements containing "Users", and returns a csv that you could use to filter on.

Code: [Select]
[Namespace].[Table].[Field] in (
Reporting / Re: Prompt page controls using the same render variable
« Last post by CognosPaul on Today at 09:39:59 am »
This is insanity.

I see exactly what you're seeing. We can get the desired results by sticking the prompts into a conditional block instead of using render variables.

Open a PMR, the workaround is good for this example, but it's really insufficient
Reporting / Re: Prompt page controls using the same render variable
« Last post by rteruyas on Today at 08:38:51 am »
Screenshot attached :)
Reporting / Re: Prompt page controls using the same render variable
« Last post by rteruyas on Today at 08:26:51 am »
Thanks @CognosPaul
I've created a test report in the public cognos environment;  the report specification is attached

In real world, userType comes from the database, so there is no problem getting that.
What I can't figure out yet is why when userType is '1', it works as expected, but when the value is '2', it shows all controls. I thought it was something in my logic, but there is a text field that works fine using the same render variable.

Any ideas what I'm missing?

Report Studio / Report to show available dispatchers
« Last post by eballinger75 on Today at 06:55:05 am »
I want to create a report in report studio that will show all of our dispatchers and show if they are up or down.

I can do this in javascript to basically go a GET request to the dispatcher address, and if it returns status 200 all is good. However, I don't really want to do this because I would like this report emailed to me and if its javascript then I am forced to email a html report and the status wont be when the report was generated, but rather, when the report is ran by opening it.

A better solution would be to create a simple Java servlet that takes a parameter and then returns a image. Then in Cognos I can add a image that references this servlet. A green icon would be that the dispatcher is up and red would be down.

However, im hoping that maybe Cognos has some built in functionality to do this. Is there a function or way in report studio to test a dispatcher before I create the servlet.

Report Studio / Update SQL With Prompt Input
« Last post by MikeLanglois on Today at 05:25:02 am »
Hey all,

I have some SQL input on a query that has:

SD.YEAR_NUM = 2016

and I was wondering if its possible to have this be updated with values from a prompt? The prompt will be a selection of years.

Also the script has:


would it be possible to have the 4,5,6 be updated based on the multiple choices on a prompt?

Is it the usual ?prompt? syntax used in Cognos filters, or is it something else?

Many thanks
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