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Framework Manager / Multiple hierarchy under one regular dimension
« Last post by inu on Today at 09:38:28 am »
Hi Team,

In what scenario, should we go for multiple hierarchy under one regular dimension.

Please suggest me.

Administration and Security / Re: Cognos Analytics with Spark
« Last post by the6campbells on Today at 09:10:01 am »
To be more specific, connections to a SPARK SQL Thriftserver using the SIMBA SPARK JDBC driver are supported.

You would have to license that driver from SIMBA.

Apache Hive JDBC is not supported due to defects in Apach SPARK which prevents the Apache Hive driver from working correctly.
Cognos Analytics 11.8+ requires that you use Mongo BI Connector 2.2. 

Use the Mongo BI Connector connection editor in Cognos Analytics to point to a Mongo BI Connector server.

Mongo BI Connector 2.2 requires applications use the MySQL JDBC driver. Subject to how you set up security, you may need to use an optional security JAR provided by Mongo. This is covered in the Mongo BI Connector documentation. The Mongo documentation also explains how it exposes documents in Mongo via their BI Connector product.

Mongo BI Connector 1.x was supported by prior versions of Cognos Analytics.
Mongo discontinued support of 1.x.

DO NOT attempt to use the existing MySQL support in older Cognos Analytics releases to access Mongo BI Connector 2.
It is not supported and will not work correctly. Only Cognos Analytics 11.8+ can be used with Mongo BI Connecter 2.2+.

Report Studio / How to create a "backlog" report Service Requests
« Last post by Wangd on Today at 01:04:46 am »
I need to create a "backlog" report showing daily incomplete Service Requests (SRs) within the month.   As the day changes, the status changes. So the calculation needs to be dynamic.

I have a SR Status, Created Date and a measure of SR Count.   

How do I get the beginning backlog (open) total? Then for each day, the backlog will change by SR created minus SR closed. 

Thanks for any insight. 

Hi Team,

I want to know about in which model we need to create star schema grouping either relational or dimensional.

Report Studio / Name Selection
« Last post by vharcourt on 20 Jan 2018 03:47:18 pm »
I'm working on generating a list of addresses. Each person can have their name in several different formats (Examples: Joe Smith, Mr. Joe Smith, Joe and Jane Smith). Each format has a naming code associated to it. Right now my report pulls in each name code and their address for each name code. What I would like to do is have the report only display one name code. I have tried If then else statements and a case statements but the results are the same (list all codes and repeated address for that person). I want it to find the first code thats true then not list any of the other codes.

Here is an example of my if then I was trying to use. So basically if it finds the 'LMWDLN' code then the rest shouldn't be displayed.

IF (([Names].[Name Code]) in ('LMWDLN'))
THEN ([Names].[Name Description])
IF (([Names].[Name Code]) = ('MRIN'))
THEN ([Names].[Name Description])
IF (([Names].[Name Code]) = ('MRFT'))
THEN ([Names].[Name Description])
IF (([Names].[Name Code]) = ('SGIS'))
THEN ([Names].[Name Description])
IF (([Names].[Name Code]) = ('MRIN'))
THEN ([Names].[Name Description])
IF (([Names].[Name Code]) = ('MRFL'))
THEN ([Names].[Name Description])
IF (([Names].[Name Code]) = ('DISP'))
THEN ([Names].[Name Description])
ELSE null
Framework Manager / Shortcut Aliases in Cognos Framework
« Last post by gosoccer on 20 Jan 2018 01:36:12 pm »
Hi guys,
I created some Shortcut Aliases for some of our Subject Queries and I was wondering if the actual Relationships that exists in the original subject query carries over when I create the ShortCut Aliase. OR The Shortcut Aliase will not have the Relationships.

thanks so much
Reporting / Re: case statement fetching incorrect data
« Last post by Kiran P on 20 Jan 2018 04:13:15 am »
Thanks for the reply, Kiran.

With Option 1: the issue still remains the same means it gives correct data only for 2017
With Option2: I doesn't fetch me any data.

Replace case with if statement


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Reporting / Re: case statement fetching incorrect data
« Last post by rteruyas on 19 Jan 2018 09:56:55 pm »
I'd try something like this

1 =
((?pYear? = '2017') AND ([CYBud]=1))
OR ((?pYear? = '2018') AND ([CYBud1]=1))
OR ((?pYear? = '2019') AND ([CYBud2]=1))

Let me know if it works. I'll probably be able to test it on monday :(
Report Studio / LastPeriods & Ancestor
« Last post by Stephaneky on 19 Jan 2018 02:41:00 pm »
I have inherited a report/ dashboard that allows the end user to pick an "as of date" to change how a bar chart is displayed. The chart shows sales for the last 13 months and the feature described is designed to pick any date in the past (i.e. 13 months from December 2017). This is what the formula used to perform this looks like :

for 13 months:

lastPeriods (13,ancestor(item(filter ([Sales].[Time].[Time_H].[Day], caption([Sales].[Time].[Time_H].[Day])
= #sq(timestampMask ( toUTC( prompt ( 'PDate' , 'Date' ,  timestampMask ( _add_days ($current_timestamp,-1) , 'yyyy-mm-dd' )  ) +' 00:00:00.000-00:00'), 'yyyy-mm-dd' ))  #),0),1)

The problem I am faced with is that this displays complete months even if the date selected is in the middle of the month. To use the December 2017 example, whether I pick December 15 2017 or December 31 2017 the function will display the same size bar for the month of December. I need to increase the degree of granularity of this formula to take into account the specific day selected and therefore only displaying data older than the date selected.

Any ideas?
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