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I have to build the report using two Native SQL's.

1) First SQL - All the Columns are from DWPRD Tables

2) Second SQL - All the Columns are from SNDPRD Tables.

Here is the Performance issue

1) When I check the View Tabular Data for Individual Queries the results are shown in 10 Secs.

2) When I drag the queries into two Different Lists, the report is taking ages to RUN.

3) Ideally, I have to build the Report by Joining the queries and show it in one List.

Note: The Client doesn't want to build FM Model / Create a table by combing these two sources tables

Any help is much appreciated!


We actually have it configured to use mod2_2 but when I use the site I see it loading cognos.cgi in the browser network panel.  Does it make sense that this cgi file would still be in the network load panel?
Administration and Security / Re: URL Redirect from http to htpps
« Last post by Reinhard on Today at 05:28:18 pm »
Thanks! The URL rewrite rules are actually already in place for the /bi directory since they are necessary for the SSO part. Now the problem I have is to change these rules to what I need and thats where I am not successful:-(
Administration and Security / Re: URL Redirect from http to htpps
« Last post by dougp on Today at 04:59:09 pm »
My web guy did this successfully in a test environment a while back.  We didn't have the energy or requirement to move the change to production.

Control Panel
Turn Windows features on or off (produces the Add Roles and Features Wizard)
Next, Next, Next
Web Server
    Web Server
        Common HTTP Features
            HTTP Redirection
(Next, .....)

You'll also need the tool that is required for Cognos SSO.  (Application Request Routing)

Then you add a URL Rewrite (not a HTTP redirect) to perform the redirection.

Since we didn't move forward, I don't have the details (settings and regular expression strings for the rewrite) any more.
Framework Manager / Re: Data Modeling Q&A Community
« Last post by Reinhard on Today at 04:17:43 pm »

the developer works of IBM have some forum function where some IT support employess post in but I do rather use cognois because it is better structured and has more activity. Otherwise I have not met anythink like this.

Modeling is more art then craft which makes it more extensive to answer:-( Honestly, I have met consultants working for years with Cognos and still not being able to give better answers then just reciting the training materials.

Best get yourself some consultant who knows his stuff to answer your questions in a workshop for a day.

Reporting / Re: Invert y-axis order on a chart
« Last post by Reinhard on Today at 04:13:22 pm »

just add a query calculation, do the *-1 there and sort your measure by your new item. Chart and visualization can do that.

Reporting / Re: Event Studio does not even work at ALL in 11.0.11
« Last post by Reinhard on Today at 04:11:59 pm »
Mine (11.0.10) has some issues like that too!
Reporting / Re: Date Prompt formatting
« Last post by Reinhard on Today at 04:11:08 pm »

you must compare what your query item shows and what your prompt puts into your parameter.

Therefore add a new page at the beginning of your report, drag a list in, first column has your TO_CHAR([APPT_DTT],'Mon DD, YYYY')  and the second column has a query calculation with your parameter ?P_ApptDate?. If there is a difference then cast whats left or right of your = or substring() and so on until it fits.

If you are lazy use a layout calculation too see the content of your parameter.


then just create a second query and filter the first by the records of the second. This is what the third tab in query calculations is there for.

Reporting / Re: Return 5 Rank results without skipping duplicates
« Last post by Reinhard on Today at 04:06:15 pm »

your filter will interfere with you data item though I get what you are trying. I guess without the filter you see the top 5 entries per shop, yes? If so add a running-count for shop and filter that one to be smaller equal 5.

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