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Conditional Filter

Started by dferrara, 06 Jun 2010 10:08:30 AM

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I would like to conditionally control a filter in a report in report studio. Is there away that I can mark a filter optional and then based on a conditional statement determine if the filter will be used or now?

In my case I would like to use the filter based on what the current session group is. If it is group A enable the filter else disable the filter.
Thanks for your help.


I think you can add the group level condition in your filter itself.


I would be intersted in hear more how to do this.


I am assuming this is for a Report studio report.

add a query calculation in the report query called "Group Name" with the following expression #sq(csv(CAMIDListForType('group')))#

Then your filter would include

if ([Group Name] = 'Group A') then (1=1) else ([Data Item] = ?prompt?)

instead of just

[Data Item] = ?prompt? which I guess you have right now.