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Creating our 1st Metric Package


We are not able to create our 1st metric package on our production box. The production box is SSL enabled our gateway URI is as follows:


our other environment url's are as follows:
Dispatcher : http://<hostname> :9300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch/ext
External & Internal Dispatcher URI : http://<hostname>:9300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch

In addition to the above, the users enter a very easy URL which gets redirected to our http://<hostname>:443/cognos8/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi

When we go to create our 1st metric package we get the following error:
"The IBM Cognos gateway is unable to connect to the IBM Cognos BI Server. The server may be unavailable or the gateway may not be correctly configured."

After this error message we are not able to log in to the Cognos Connection.


Is this a single server installation or multiple?  If multiple, did you install the Metrics Gateway on the web server?

I am facing the same problem,

when creating a metric package always return this error.

I have installed 8.4 version gateway and dispatcher on the same computer
When I press "New Metric Package" from Cognos Connection, every thing go fine
then i create a new data source again everything ok, but when i press the next botton
i get the message "The IBM Cognos gateway is unable to connect to the IBM Cognos BI server" and i need to stop and start the Cognos Service.

did you find the solution ?

Metric Studio needs a schema for Metric Store. It will not work with the Content Store. Was Metric Store created and configured in Cognos Configuration ? Did the Cognos service start only with the Content Store or also after configuring the Metric Store?

Oh never mind ! I didn't realise that it was an old post.


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