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Author Topic: IBM Cognos 8 Query Studio Training Course  (Read 5743 times)


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IBM Cognos 8 Query Studio Training Course
« on: 01 Jun 2010 03:43:44 am »
This course is geared towards non-technical business users who need a web-based vehicle to access and report data which resides in corporate data bases. It is designed to teach the basic reporting techniques needed to quickly extract relevant information in a meaningful format and layout. Basic techniques include query creation, sorting, grouping, calculations, etc.

Course Notes:
This course is delivered using a general IBM Cognos 8 demo application as the basis for the workshops, examples, and class discussion. If desired, custom courseware using client’s data may also be created. There is an additional fee for customization of the course materials.www.nowexam.com study materails & test guides for the global IT engineers!

Recommended Prerequisites:
None. However, familiarity with Windows, use of a web browser, and experience with the core MicroSoft Office suite of tools (Word, Excel, Access, etc) is desirable.