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Apparo Fast Edit and Cognos

Started by Feanor, 13 Jul 2010 03:54:59 AM

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We are looking for ways to control the editing of data in our datawarehouse by employees from business processes. A solution for this is the "Fast Edit"-software from Apparo. I've asked for a demo but I'd like to know if there are other companies who already use this software.

Can anyone tell me of experiences with this company an it's solution?



I'm also interested in others that may have some experience with this product.

We have an enterprise project to get rid of the various MS Access solutions built by John and Jill business users. Cognos is being advertised as being a part of those solutions. I got asked again about data entry within Cognos and gave my standard answer, that Cognos is meant for reporting, not data entry; it's possible (e.g. the article from CognosPaul), but painful. Then I came across Apparo's website & it *looks* like it could give these MS Access people a one-stop shop for their data entry & reporting "apps".

Does it live up to the hype on their website? Since nothing lives up to the hype on their websites, how close does it get?


I know one of the guys behind Apparo, and would be very happy to connect you.

In terms of hacky data-entry implementations I have revisited it recently. Instead of relying on a stored procedure I wrote a custom control to call an API (in this case to TM1) to pass the data in. It's more work on the JavaScript side to make it reusable across multiple reports, but once you've got it it's significantly easier on the report author.