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How many shops still use Cognos Powerhouse

Started by krigul, 17 Jul 2010 03:25:01 PM

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I am trying to find out how many shops are still using Cognos Powerhouse, and how many developers are still out there developing in Powerhouse?

Where would be a good starting point?


I would like to know as well. The count is likely very low these days.


Good question. I'd assumed few in the UK, but had a new enquiry passed to us (we offer Powerhouse/Axiant support and development) by Cognos UK a few weeks ago showing there's at least one I'd not heard of! Since then, have been monitoring quick/quiz/qtp keywords on our website and we're getting at least one hit a day. So, there are still requirements out there. A list of sites would be great! We know about 35 in the UK.


very old thread, yet still relevant.  I would have to assume there are tons of legacy systems out there, however the core would most likely have been replaced.  I have come across many systems that have been running 10+ years, without maintenance or development. 

Now when it come to actual powerhouse programming work (development or maintenance), they are few and far between.


I am still using Powerhouse on a daily basis. If I can assist please contatc me.