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cant use URL address with firefox / cognos 7.2



Please someone help me!!!
We have to migrate from ie6 --> ie7 and we're looking for workaround since you can't open cubes in powerplay localy from ie7.

One solution is to use firefox but URL address (old or newly created) doesn't work! The URL appearing in state bar of firefox look like this:
This redirect me to a 'cant find what you want' web page...

The URL appearing in state bar of IE6 (even IE7!!!) look like this:
This redirect me to the file(!?)

Can someone tell me why is it so!?!?!?
Is there a workaround to this problem?

And please; its my second post and my first did'nt receive any reply.  If the section 'Cognos 7' is'nt alive anymore, please tell me.


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