Author Topic: "Summarize" Categories is disabled- Dimension View  (Read 2633 times)

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"Summarize" Categories is disabled- Dimension View
« on: 22 Aug 2010 08:15:14 pm »

Hi, I just want to ask if how to enable the "Summarized" Properties in the "Show Diagram" of Transformer.  I have 3 Years in Cube.. 2008, 2009 and 2010 and that is up to "days" reason why the cube is now more than 2Gig in size. i wanted to remove the 'days' in Prev Years and it will show only in current year which is 2010. I will use Summarized but it is disabled.

What is the step to enable it?  i can't do it everytime i try to summarized it just up to months because only Suppress and Exclude are enabled!

Thank You!

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Re: "Summarize" Categories is disabled- Dimension View
« Reply #1 on: 22 Oct 2010 07:17:43 am »
Hi Melody2504,
This propertie will be available not directly into the Diagram, but indirectly into a Custom View from the diagram page.
But generaly speaking, I'd advice you to apply a filter before the model, into your IQD file or your package.