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Cognos 8 and Powerplay 7.3

Started by moonraker, 22 Feb 2006 02:33:30 AM

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Hi all,

I have a very easy question. Till now I thought in Cognos 8 there will be no longer a powerplay. I thought the new version of this will be the analysis studio as a follow up of powerplay. But I get delivered the new Cognos 8 and there is still a powerplay 7.3 and the transformer and no Analysis studio. So. am I wrong on this or was the wrong version delivered?

Can someone give me an answer on this question?



Analysis Studio is part of the cognos 8 install (embedded).
The cd's with pp 7.3 and transformer have probably been added for backward compatibility, in case you insist on building cubes the "7" way.


Creating Cubes the "7" way means to built it with the transformer to use these cubes with analysis studio?




The Cognos 8 release includes both the new Analysis Studio, and the old PowerPlay Client and Transformer.  Transformer remains as the tool to create Cognos PowerCubes, and PowerPlay client is provided for those users who require "Mobile Analysis" (ie they want to be able to access cubes locally on their PC rather than through a web browser).

If you don't have Analysis Studio, then you probably need to talk to your Cognos account manager.

Best regards,