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COGNOiSe.com down for site maintenance on 17/8/05

Started by COGNOiSe administrator, 17 Aug 2005 05:40:59 AM

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COGNOiSe administrator

Our webhost has indicated that some maintenance work needs to be done on our servers:

Date:                 08/17/2005
Start time:           05:00 GMT

Services/Equipment:   All servers.
Type of work:         Kernel upgrade
Purpose of work:      Upgrade all kernels to the most recent release
Impact of work:       Loss of connectivity for less than 5 minutes

*shockingly late notice, i only got the email this morning


I will miss it when it is down. :-\
This community already feels like family


COGNOiSe administrator

You and Darek practically live here! ;D

I hope you have the official COGNOiSe.com wallpaper (from the 'Downloads' board) emblazoned across your desktop...

COGNOiSe administrator

Apologies to those that were affected by the longer than expected downtime. All is well and we have not lost anyone (or any posts).