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Version 7.3 EP

Started by rmcleod, 02 Mar 2006 05:14:18 PM

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Hi, has anyone performaed a migration from to 7.3 yet? If so I would be interested to hear how the migration of existing applications has gone.


COGNOiSe administrator

i dud ut over a buk brukfust



Your question is unclear.  I think you are asking about upgrading to 7.3.  You can upgrade from 7.1 and 7.2 to 7.3.  The Analyst libraries will be no different; however, the Contributor XML is different.  I have had some clients that have used the wizard successfully, but the wizard makes assumptions like all wizards specifically to security, since 7.3 mandates the use of Access Manager.  The hierarchies are not very clean and maintenance has been challenging.  I have had a few clients that published the data, imported data into Analyst, created a new 7.3 Contributor application, imported all of the data.  Also, I have had some clients do a hybrid of both.  Convert using wizard and spend some time cleaning up the structures.  It is very easy to do but make sure you test everything especially your A to C, C to A links as there are changes with it.  Good luck.