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Dashboard install help..

Started by boby_phoenix, 01 Nov 2010 10:09:13 AM

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Hai Cognoise..

I've a problem when install Go Dashboard, i've been followed the instruction from documentation like this:

1. In IBMCognos Connection, in the upper-right corner, click Launch, IBMCognos Administra-
2. On the Security tab, click Capabilities.
3. Choose whether to set access for a function or for a feature:
● To set access for a function, click the actions button next to the Go! Dashboard function,
and click Set properties.
● To set create and edit access, click the Go! Dashboard link, then click the actions button
next to Use the Edit Features, and click Set properties.
4. Click Permissions.
5. If you want to set access permissions explicitly for each entry, select the Override the access
permissions acquired from the parent entry

but i've stuck @ point 3, I cant find Go! Dashboard function on capabilities page...how can i solved this??

please help me...  :'(


This link has a document with some additional info on installation. Not used it myself....