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Started by cognosguru, 12 May 2006 10:11:22 PM

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Has anyone ran across a real Admin tool for CRN and/or Cognos 8.  Something that will actually show me what is going on in there?


What is a REAL admin tool?? Plz specify... :D


To me a real admin tool is one that can show me reports by users, statistics, hardware profiles so I can check that a particular report always eats memory, SQL calls, actual SQL....stuff like that.


You could try setting up the Audit database and associated reports. There is also an FM model and package so that you can create your own reports. You'll need to set the Audit level (in CC) to at least 3 to get the data collected for the reports.

If you set the Audit level high enough you will also get SQL calls etc logged as well.