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Unable to connect database -


I am trying to create a Metric extract/Object extract  using Metric designer getting error message (QE-DEF-0285 : The logon failure)  . I have created DSN and tested successfully. Initially ,we thought the problem in my Cognos profile access privileges, But we tried with admin username and password still the same .we also tried my username and password in other machine it’s woks fine there .This is first time accessing. I have checked DSN is same on server and also checked colleague machine

I can access XXX database using TOAD 

Our Cognos production support team saying as below :
1)   On My  machine, when we tried with his Cognos profile, it was not working. Even when, we tried with my Cognos account and My colleague account, it’s still error out.
2)   Whereas, on My colleague's machine, it’s working fine with colleague Cognos profile. I took out sso for colleague and when tried with my account, it’s still working on colleague's machine with my profile.
3)   At the same time, I can ping this data source from his machine’s command prompt.

This leads me to believe that, it’s surely something related to My  local machine or network profile , with perspective to Metric’s studio, that causing this error.

That’s why, I requested me to work with help desk to see, if there are any differences between Me and machine profile and at the same time work with Cognos support.


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