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bcp utility in metric studio


We have metric server component installed correctly in our distributed cognos 8.4 installation.
the doubt we have is
  Do we need bcp-utility on any of the app server boxes or content machine box or the webserver box ?
If a user installs metric designer tool on his machine, will he need the sql bcp utility on his machine ?
How does bcp play a role in Metric studio/designer ??
thank you all !


Metric designer doesn't need a bcp utility as it acts upon existing Cognos data sources i.e framework packages, cubes etc. You can then either execute the job on Metric Designer to transfer the data to the staging tables in the Metric Store or more commontly create a job on the Cognos server that can be scheduled.

As you mention using a bcp utility do you therefore need to  load data from a non cognos source(s)?




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