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Upgrading DS 7.1 and SQL Server 2000 to Data Manager 8.4 and SQL Server 2008

Started by sharathhs, 14 Feb 2011 07:01:00 AM

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We are in process of upgrading Decision Stream 7.1 and SQL Server 2000 database to Data Manager 8.4 and SQL Server 2008 database. I am looking for any documentation of approach/best practices/guidelines around this upgrade. If any of you have any inputs, please pass it on to me.



I can't really comment on the SQL Server upgrade, but with DecisionStream to Data Manager, I'd recommend backing up the DS 7.1 catalog (File -> Backup Catalog), creating a new, empty catalog database for Data Manager 8.4, then restoring the backup into this (File -> Restore Catalog).  This way, you should be able to use both DecisionStream and Data Manager concurrently, and check that everything has transferred across as expected.

Things to look out for will be mostly in the areas of derivation syntax, in my experience.  Some of the syntactic checking rules were tightened up for Data Manager - semi-colon usage is better enforced, and you now cannot use dates directly in substr() functions - you need to cast them to character values with ToChar() first.  These kinds of issues are slightly irksome at first, but not too difficult to overcome.  You may be lucky and not see any of them, in which case your syntax is far less sloppy than mine was! :)