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We have Cognos 8.4 running now and want to move to Cognos 10. We will be moving to a new Cognos and SQL Server box (separate VMs) :

1.What is the process to move the content store (SQL 2005 to SQL 2008)? If I import, will it ask for the new server name so that all the reports have the correct connection?

2.Do I have to change all of the reports manually to connect to the new data sources?



1. Probably the easiest path is to create a deployment export from within the Admin Console on 8.4, copy the deployment zip file onto your C10 server, create and initialise a new, empty content store in C10, then import the deployment using the Admin Console.

2. Provided your data sources are structured the same, all you should need to do is to define the data sources with identical names in C10, and you should be good to go.


Thank you.

We are in the process of upgrading from 8.3 to 10.1. So far our critical sales reports are either failing or reporting incorrect numbers !!!!

It is a painstalking process, for one report that is based on a CUBE, the results differ between 8.3 and 10.1, however the results are the same when viewed thru Analysis Studio on 8.3 & 10.1.

Seamless upgrade is a far cry from reality. Am glad I have taken the approach of running parallel systems - 8.3 is still in production and 10.1 is in a test environment. 
I was recommended by IBM to perform the install on my production 8.3 system and I would see no problems.

Some of the syntax checking for expressions was looser in 8.3 than in later versions.  Consequently it was possible to code expressions back then which were not strictly legal and returned results (for example, using a tuple() function on an object not defined as a member).  I'd hazard a guess that these kinds of issues will be causing the problems you are seeing in Cognos 10.  If we can help with any specifics, just post them up!

Good luck!!



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