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How to display my dashboard by assigning permissions to other user

Started by kane, 07 Dec 2010 02:28:50 PM

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Hi ,

I have created a page or dashboard in cognos connection. i assigned securities to it (Ex: tom is assigned to view that page(dashboard), when he login to cognos connection that page or dashboard should be display.)but when tom login to cognos connection he cant see that page or dashboard.

so any one can help me in this where iam going wrong ......please............ :(


What permissions did you grant to Tom in the properties of the page?




i grant permission to tom is Read, Write, Execute, Traverse.
But any way i found solution.

Solu: 1)I went to cognos Admin.
2) i clicked on secuirty tab
3) I selected the tom from my ldap folder and i clicked on his properties .
4) there i found action tab under that portal tab security i clicked on it and i selected dashboard.
when tom login to his portal, Dashboard has been displayed over der..