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CPU usage is very high when running C10 alongside C8 on Windows 7



I have a laptop running Windows 7 64bit with 8 GB of RAM.
I have installed C8.4.1 and C10.

Now in Task Manager, the CPU usage is 100% all the time.  There are two Java.exe processes with very high usage.
Any clue?


You mentioned that you have laptop with 8GB of RAM, but nothing about size of your processor(s) (CPU). 2 JAVA.exe in your task manager represents each system. In anyway, only if you have a monster laptop like a gamer laptop you will be able to run both systems simultaneously, with no impact on CPU or other windows resources. Let me ask you, why would you need to run them both at the same time? What I would suggest you to set both services to manual start and run them one at the time (or both), but only when required. If you want to start and stop them quickly, use batch with NET STOP <Service_Name> and NET STOP <Service_Name> commands. Hope that helps...

Hi there

Can you confirm that you have incrememted the stop service port and logging ports on the c10 installation so that you are not attempting to use a log4j process of the c84 install.
Download and install Process Explorer from Microsoft - so that you can see what the java processes are calling.

The java should not consume resources unless you are running a job or a report when the c8 or 10 services start running

Peter B


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