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metric package issue?



i created a new metric package.everything is good.i open that package in metric studio.when im trying to see scorecard ,scorecard is displying but in scorecard its not showing graph.

what is the problem ?
plz solve this ASAP.


Hi there

This used to be a bug in 8.3.  I think it was fixed in 8.4
The problem was the way Metric Server created the graphic file.
Basically, there is an option to change from jpg to gif.  I just cant remember which file it was in.  I'll keep looking but if you dont get the graph then its likely a defect

Let you know when I can find more info
To trace the issue you need to add a cgs.ini file to the bin folder where Metric Server has been installed.
It will then create a cgs log file.

Peter B


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