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Forum permissions

Started by COGNOiSe administrator, 22 Aug 2005 05:20:38 PM

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COGNOiSe administrator

After a series of wild goose/geese chases, we have finally fixed up the permissions settings for all member groups within the forum. It appears that there were inconsistent settings that were restricting certain groups of users from:
- viewing/posting attachments
- viewing/posting calendar events
- viewing members online
- viewing/posting to polls
- setting post notifications
- viewing forum stats
- voting on karma (applaud/warn)
- viewing others' profiles
- etc etc etc

So my sincere apologies (esp. to Darek! The Dev team thought it might have been a session handling issue - shows how little we know!!!! :-\)

So please take the opportunity to 're-explore' the Forum again.

Please drop me a line/post if you feel there is anything funny re your settings.