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Upgrade of Transformer to Congos 10 issue with PRF file



we are trying to Upgrade from 7 series Transformer to 10. I copied cube folder from Series 7 server and pasted in Cognos 10 Dev server and made changes to Batch file to Build the Cube builds but when i execute the batch file pop up window of Performance file comes up and when i click ok still doesnt do anything when i click cancel its kills the build too.

Here are the scripts:

This script works when i don't have PRF file in it

"E:\Program files\IBM\Cognos\c10\bin\cogtr.exe" -n2 -i E:\Apps\CognosApps\MSN\cubemodel\M_S_Screening.pyj

Doesnt Work:

"E:\Program files\IBM\Cognos\c10\bin\cogtr.exe" -n2 -i

Please help!!!

First of all, if you are using the .pyj file, it will not upgrade to 10.1 because .pyj is the compiled version. You need to decompile it (save as .mdl using older version) and save it as a .pyj using 10.1.

Secondly, why use the old script when 10.1 has the versioning functionality which deploys the new cube after building it thereby pointing the reports to the new cube. With your script, you have chances of locking the cube which will prevent you from refreshing it sometimes.

Hi cognostechie

Thanks for the reply. yes that's what i am doing saving older version as .mdl and then saving .mdl as .pyj using 10.1. Thats part is clean.

But I am having issue with Prf file. I checked IBM website and i think they changed previous PRF file now to cogtr.xml file. I tried making changes to cogtr.xml file to point to proper location of log files but still when i run my batch script a Preferences Popup window popus up and Cubes doesnt even get build. Have u seen this scenario.


I have never used a preferance file so can't say.

By the way, you don't need to change cogtr.xml for the location of log files. You can set that up in Transformer or in the script. Up till version 7.4, the executable file for Transformer was trnsfrmr.exe. From version 8.3, they changed the name to cogtr.exe

Hi there,

The preference file from Transformer 8.4 onward is the cogtr.xml file.  When you make changes, you need to open a Transformer model to pick up the new changes.

We run batch scripts here and due to some rather interesting model designs have to call a few different cogtr_prf files.

Also as of 8.3, Transformer allows the ability to deploy upon build completion.
Cube Property Sheet, Deployment Tab
This section provides information about the Deployment tab.

Deployment strategy
The following PowerCube deployment options are available:

Option Comments
Copy only if all locations are available, then activate
 If one or more of the deployment locations are unavailable, the deployment action is aborted for all specified locations.
Copy to available locations, then activate
 If one or more locations specified in the Deployment locations box is not available, the PowerCube does not deploy to these locations. However, the PowerCube does deploy to all available locations.
Do not deploy
 Specifies that deployment is not enabled for the PowerCube.
After building the cube
After a PowerCube build, you can specify the following options:

Options Description
No action
 Specifies that the PowerCube is not deployed.
Prompt to copy and activate
 Prompts you before the cube is copied to the deploy locations and activated.
Automatically copy and activate
 Automatically copies the PowerCube to the deploy locations and activates the cubes.
Deployment locations
Use the Deployment locations, to add, remove, and modify the deployment locations for a PowerCube.

Automatic deletion of old PoweCubes
Use this option to manage older versions of the PowerCube in the deploy locations.

Enable automatic PowerCube deletion
Use this option to specify whether older versions of a PowerCube are automatically deleted.

Maximum number of old cubes to keep
Specifies the number of older versions of the PoweCube in the deployment location to retain.


Hope this helps
Peter B


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