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Error Message - IE8

Started by david.stachon, 15 May 2011 08:01:35 PM

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Hi All,

When using Analysis Studio, following some Microsoft Updates (XP, IE8) on my local machine, I'm getting this error when dragging anything from the insertable objects pane:

ANS-MES-0005 An unexpected error occurred. If the problem continues, undo your action or close and re-open your Web browser window.

(Cognos 8.4.1 MR2)

Any thoughts on how to correct?



Hi David,
we use the same version of Cognos as you, and some of my users have noticed the same problem. I was in contact with IBM Cognos support, but did not get any good answer how to solve this. The workaround that worked for us was to ask the user start using Firefox instead of IE.

Best regards,



Hi there

I've seen something similar and its usually to do with the trusted sites settings.  In my case, we're still on IE6, but I've been testing IE8 and IE9 before IT get around to moving us up and in my testing, (and this is only because I have the admin rights) I've found that the XSS Filter is automatically applied and causes all sorts of grief.

If you have an unrestricted IE 8 version, try lowering the trusted Site security to LOW and then retest.  Also see if compatibility mode works as this allows some underlying scripts to run.

See how you go
Peter B



I am on the same boat, Some times it opening well and giving the error message when i am trying to drag and drop.

some time it giving the message when i am trying to open its self.

But all working fine wit windows xp machine. Believe it will be some settings on the computer.but still i am unable to fix it on my Windows 7 machine.




Hi All,

Did you find the solution for this problem?