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How to show data item horizontally using Repeater

Started by dragonfire, 14 Aug 2006 06:27:35 AM

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I would like to show data item in myreport with seperator in between:

Apple, Orange, Lemon

I tried to use Repeater and embedded with a comma. But I can't think of way to remove the last comma. I can only show the report like that.

Apple, Orange, Lemon,

Any hints on how to remove the last seperator?


Set items to repeat to have the comma at the beginning rather than the end and unless it is the first record. You can put a rank data item in the query and use that to check whether it is the first record or not.


I make the comma its own data item:

case when running-count (distinct [Fruit]) < count (distinct [Fruit] for report) then ', ' end