Author Topic: Impromptu and SQL Server  (Read 3186 times)

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Impromptu and SQL Server
« on: 30 Aug 2006 09:53:56 am » is the issue I'm coming across. I just created a new catalog using SQL Server as the data source. When logging into the catalog using the database owner account, I can access all the tables, not problem.

I then created another login account with the same permissions as the db owner account. Using this account, I cannot run any reports (I get an error message along the lines of 'statement could not be prepared').

For those of you using SQL Server as the data back do you allow access to the database....Windows NT authentication, db owner account, SQL Server login...etc? Could you also please provide information on how you set up that type of account to get it working?

BTW...I don't want users logging into the catalog using the db owner account...that is why I was trying to get a generic SQL login account working.



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Re: Impromptu and SQL Server
« Reply #1 on: 22 Dec 2014 01:07:10 pm »
Apply the principle of least necessary permissions. Having them connect with the db owner account is the least desirable - they can do anything they want to the database.
The best option would be to create a login on the SQL Server for a domain group and grant the necessary permissions to that user. Then add and remove users from that domain group as necessary. Have Impromptu pass each user's connection to the DB.
You could also create a generic SQL login and use it in each DSN. There's more overhead required in the long run as you'll need to update every user's DSN if you want to change the user.
As far as the error message, you'll probably need to work with a DBA to figure out what's causing it, or paste then entire error message.