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Test COG-612: IBM Cognos 10 BI Author

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Here is one:

Match the different filter types with the appropriate description:

Filter Types:
(A) Simple Filter
(B) Complex Filter
(C) Model Filter
(D) Default Filter

(1) You wake up and realize you can't make coffee unless you fashion a filter out of paper towels, napkins, or toilet paper.
(2) You daydream of traveling the world and taking up residence in a foreign country rather than listening to the drone of a Monday morning meeting at work
(3) Deciding not to pick up the telephone when your mother-in-law's phone number shows in the caller ID
(4) A bodyguard hired to protect attractive young men or women who make a living being photographed.



Wonderful! I don't think that question was on my exam, but there does seem to be a random selection used. I agree with your suggested solution too - excellent!! :)

Actually there was a 5th description to make it a little more difficult to do the matching. It was:

(5) This isn't out-of-the-box functionality. You need the SDK.

Remembered a few more -

Which is the most widely used Studio?

A) Report Studio
B) Universal Studio
C) Query Studio
D) Analysis Studio
E) Metric Studio

Obviously, the answer is B

Why is Cognos the most robust product in the BI industry?

A) It can meet every company's requirement
B) It runs faster than an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
C) It works even in category 7 hurricane or a 8.0 earthquake
D) It always shows an attractive data regardless of what the data is in the database 
E) It was tested vigorously by Sylvestor Stallone

Answer - E

One More, but this one was a Framework question to test the backend familiarity of the candidate -

Which of the following statements is true? Pl. support your answer with the reason given in the 2nd part.

A) A field is an object inside a table
B) A table is an object inside a field
C) Both are objects within each other
D) None of them are objects in the database
E) The question is wrong

Reasons -

A) That's just how databases are designed
B) A field can be the size of a football field and cognos consultants put tables inside the field to have their lunch
C) Field and tables are real estate and furniture items and have nothing to do with Cognos
D) If you don't know the answer yourself, how can you test others?
E) A database contains data, not fields and tables.

The answer in both cases is B.


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