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Test COG-612: IBM Cognos 10 BI Author

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This is great!! I too have passed the exam for BI Author. Here are a couple questions I recall:

Question: What are different ways to join queries?
A) In holy matrimony
B) Hand-in-hand
C) At that hip
D) All of the above

Answer: D

Question: What are classes and how are they used?

Answer: Classes are instructional sessions one attends to LEARN something. When combined with practical experience they can assist one's efforts to become certified.

Anyone else remember any questions??
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I too remembered a few questions -

How do you make a report run faster -

A) Run the report only during the weekends when the system is quiet
B) Color the report red and have a bull follow it
C) Add more horesepower to Cognos engine
D) Push gas pedal more
E) Add wings to the software so it can fly

Answer - B

What are cascading prompts?

A) Prompts that are married to each other and take each others role as and when needed
B) The second prompt changing it's color based on the first prompt
C) A Male and Female prompt walking in the downtown holding hands together
D) Prompts created by a person who passed the certification exam by obtaining dumps from a Cognos users forum
E) A Male and Female prompt of the same color who gave birth to a baby prompt of the same color

Answer - E

It's hard to remember all questions at the same time but I will come back and post more as and when I remember the questions.

If anybody wants to get the dump offline, send me a mail at

This is excellent!! These questions had slipped my mind, but now I remember them clearly! Keep 'em coming! :-)

Gosh, I had no idea the tests were this hard. I thought about getting certified, but maybe I had better wait for another couple of years to take training and gain more experience.

Thank you for sharing! Made my Friday... :-)


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