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Column Limit in Contributor / Publish Table Only View

Started by rmark17, 07 Sep 2006 09:17:58 PM

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I am attempting to publish a Cognos 8 Planning application to Oracle 10g that contains a cube with a d-list that contains 240 items (well below the 10g lmit of 1000). The publish process fails with "Too many columns in publish dimension, choose a different dimension for publish".  Changing he true "fact" dimension to another generates extremely akward data structures ( a dimenson containing all of the facts as attributes). I am looking for a way around this column limit.


How big is your cube without including the eList?  If you only publish one node, does it work?  What does your planningerrorlog.csv say?  I'm trying to determine if it's an application error or an Oracle one.


The error message is misleading. What it is really saying is that I have reached the row length limit in Oracle. This is due to the fact that Planner is defining all non-numeric fields as VARCHAR2(4000). The only fixes I could find are to modify the datastore table defs(unacceptable because it must be done every time you GTP) or write a script to flip the one fact 240 dimension structure to a 240 fact one dimension structure which I have done.

Thanks anyway.


can you publish using the way that works and use decision stream to transform your fact table in the way that you need it?  That way, your publish table/view stays the same, but you just need to keep rerunning your ETL process.