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Author Topic: Migrating Impromptu Reports and Catalogs.  (Read 2986 times)

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Migrating Impromptu Reports and Catalogs.
« on: 06 Oct 2006 12:00:30 pm »

Can any one tell me
1 what steps need to be followed to  migrate Impromptu Reports and Catalogs into Cognos 8
2. How to Migrate Reports and Catalogs to Cognos 8.

Thansk you in advance..


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Re: Migrating Impromptu Reports and Catalogs.
« Reply #1 on: 09 Oct 2006 05:24:11 am »

You will need the migration toolkit from Cognos.  This comes with documentation on how to use, and I have heard that it's been used with varying degrees of success.  Check through some of the older posts to get an idea of some of the issues others have had to overcome.

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