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Author Topic: Migration Ideas  (Read 2691 times)


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Migration Ideas
« on: 15 Nov 2006 12:49:29 pm »
We are in the process of Migrating our IMP7.3 application to Cognos 8.

But we started the Model from Scratch. I need some ideas in analysing the existing reports which come of 3 master catalogs which are a total of close to 2000 .imr's, I have to do Data Analysis now and figure our how many Query data items are used in from the existing 3 big catalogs which go onto these 2000 Impromptu Reports (.imr's).

Can anyone please please suggest me to achieve this in a best way.

I can only think of opening each and every report and copying the Query data items manually-which is very time consuming.
I'm trying to get any ideas which would fasten this process....help in any kind is really appreciated.



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Re: Migration Ideas
« Reply #1 on: 05 Dec 2006 11:18:57 pm »
Isn't there a Cognos Macro available for Impromptu? You could put some code together to analyze all of the IMRs.


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Re: Migration Ideas
« Reply #2 on: 07 Dec 2006 02:34:50 pm »
If you know of one to start off.. Please advice help really appreciated