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HELP NEEDED ON DPR-ERR-2056: Report server is not responding

Started by bobparis, 22 Nov 2006 09:13:29 PM

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Hi All,

I am in a fix cant really figure out what is the issue... We developed some reports in Cognos 8 i and run perfectly fine in our test enviornment, but while migrating into another similar environment, it creates problems.The Content manager is still running ...I can see all my reports on cognos
connection page ..When trying to create a new report can also
open the package ..when I try to run the reports get the below
error, same error flashes when I try to create a simple report
having just 1 column in query and report studio:

"DPR-ERR-2056: Report server is not responding

Handler trace back: [the_dispatcher]
r [the_dispatcher] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler
[load_balancer] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler
[lb_forwarder] com.cognos.p2plb.clerver.LoadBalanceHandler
[reportservicechain] com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler
com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler [do_warp]
com.cognos.pogo.handlers.logic.ChainHandler [warpmta]
com.cognos.pogo.reportservice.ReportServerHandler "

Also tried restarted reportnet service successfully...

Found a document on Cognos site ââ,¬Å"Document#: 1012988ââ,¬Â but did not
help much....

Can someone pls suggest what could be the possible problem?
Thanking you,


I had the same issue, in few reports. I made the measures aggreagation to total and it started working. republish the package and then give a try.



Thanks, BIsrik,
     But the problem is that it was working, while the environment changes, it does not work. Should i do sth about it at the framework manager level? Still i will give your suggestion a try, cheers



What is the difference between these two environments? OS, DB, JRE, Web?