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calendar rollup calculation To be Calculated-Urgent

Started by KANUL, 01 Oct 2011 09:53:50 AM

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Hi Gurus,

I want a small help. I have a calculation(A/b) which is input for Actual value in Metric Designer. I want that at the year level the calculation should happen instead of average or sum of values.i.e for year 2010, the formula should be sum of all A for all months / sum of all B value for all months.as show in the example.

Year   Month     A        B            C(A/B)
2010   1   50               60   83.33333333
2010   2   10               30   33.33333333
2010   3   40              80           50
2010   4   50            40      125
2010   5   20       50           40
2010   7   80           70           114.2857143
Year Level   250            330            75.75757576

Right now I am only either to make sum i.e sum of c(A/B) which is not correct or make it Supplied by client. But how can I make the rollup also as calculated.


Where is the metric calculation being done? In metric designer or in metric studio? If in metric studio it should be consistent at all levels and therefore take the year value for A / year value for B