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concating date-timestamp in the mdc file

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Hello Gurus,

Need a small help in concating the currentdate timestamp in mdc file whenever my cube is built.
i am using a macro. please advise how this can be done?
for ex: In my model i have defined the cube name as salescube.mdc
after the cube is created i want to change th name to salescube_22012007 09:11:06 AM.mdc

how do i achieve this? Tried using the following:
"salescube" & "_" & format(Now,"ddmmyyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM") & ".mdc"
but how do i make it work?

please reply asap.

thanks in advance.



An example from a Cognos macro script:

   timeStamp   = Format(Now,"yyyymmddhhnn")
   newfilename = sCubePubPath & sModelFilename & timeStamp & sCubeExtn

where sCubePubPath is the folder in which the file resides, sModelFileName is the filename without an extension, and sCubeExtn is the filename extension, i.e. ".mdc".

Thanks a lot. will try and update you the result.



Hi Blue,

I believe th new file code works fine,but i am unable to copy the cube and see the new cube with changed filename too. A runtime error of R-70,PERMISSION DENIED comes.

My macro is mentioned in this mail. Basically i want a cube with new name(timestamp) to be generated in a new folder.

--- Code: ---
Sub Main ()
  Dim objTransApp As Object
  Dim objModel As Object
  Dim strModelPath As String
  Dim strLocation As String
  Dim strModelSource As String

 ' *** File Names and Path(s) *****************************************************

  strLocation = "C:\Documents and Settings\tcbtr\Desktop\Cognos\Model\Monthly_Sales\"
  strModelSource = "SalesModel.pyi"
  strModelPath = strLocation & strModelSource

  '*** Open model inside Transformer**********************************************

   Set objTransApp = CreateObject("CognosTransformer.Application.cer4")
   Set objModel = objTransApp.OpenModel(strModelPath)

  '*** Clean model and build cubes************************************************

  With objModel

  End With

  ' *** Copy the Cubes to the destination

  Dim strCubePath As String

  ' *** Destination Folders*******************************************************

  Dim strCognosFolder     As String

  ' *** Cube Names***************************************************************

  Dim strCube               As String

  ' *** Set Source Folder Path***************************************************

   strCubePath = "C:\Documents and Settings\tcbtr\Desktop\Cognos\Cubes\"

  ' *** Set Destination Folder Path(s)*******************************************

  strCognosFolder   =  "C:\Documents and Settings\tcbtr\Desktop\Cognos\Refresh_Cube\"

  ' *** Set Cube Names*************************************************************

  strCube             =  "salescube.mdc"
  Dim timestamp,sCubeExtn,newStrCube as String
  timeStamp   = format(Now,"ddmmyyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM")
  sCubeExtn = ".mdc"
  newStrCube = "salescube"
  Dim newFileName as String
   newFileName = strCubePath & newStrCube & timeStamp & sCubeExtn

  ' *** Copy Each Cube into the Destination Folders*********************************

  FileCopy     strCubePath & strCube, strCognosFolder & newFileName


  Set objCube = Nothing
  Set objTransApp = Nothing
  Set objModel = Nothing

  MsgBox "Refreshed Sales Cube has been created"

End Sub

--- End code ---

please reply at the earliest. error is thrown at file copy
thanks in advance



Hi all,

I was able to resolve this issue and update my cube name.

Thanks and Regards,



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