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Looking for Minimum Date where all other data is the same

Started by eekanif, 07 Oct 2010 10:09:04 AM

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Hey there gang.
I'm building a report consisting of employee name, address, and number information and job codes, where the request is to return only the job code for the most recent start date. 

In most cases the employee information and job code remains static - returning multiple line items per employee based on variations in the start dates.

I thought I could summarize (advanced) at the row level, looking for the "latest" start date, but QS only allows me to look for latest date in the footers, not in the rows themselves.

I can't filter...

I tried calculating for "latest" but then it wants to compare it against the system date, which does me no good.

Is there any way around this?



Having a similar issue any thoughts on this experts?