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Running fuzzy searches in Analysis Studio?

Started by AjaxNU, 18 Apr 2012 11:14:36 AM

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Hi All - I'm putting togehter an Analysis Studio training, and one of the sections covers searching on long lists of members, i.e. clicking on By Dimension (X of Y) > Search (By Dimension) when a full list isn't displayed in the Insertable Objects pane.  I've noticed in playing around with the search that it only appears to do exact match searches.  I've tried using % * ? (with and without quotes around the search term), and I get 0 results back each time.

Is this function in Analysis Studio capable of doing fuzzy searches?  If it makes a difference, our databases are Oracle 11g.

Thank you!!



This is controlled by the options next to the Serch field - ie Starts With, Contains etc. You do not need to enter any kinds of wildcard characters. For example, if you enter a search term of "E" using the "Contains" behaviour, you will return all members with a letter E anywhere in the caption.